Create an Inviting Guest Bedroom

Do you frequently have guests? Are they relegated to the living room sofa?  If you have the space, a separate guest bedroom for friends and family is always welcome. The guests will appreciate the space and their privacy as will you. It’s not necessary to dedicate a room exclusively to guests, unless you have a huge home. It’s very popular to combine the guest bedroom with a home office. Depending on the space and your budget, a queen size bed, wall bed or quality sleeper sofa all work well to serve guests.  Don’t economize on mattress quality.  Once you have defined the space and selected the type of bed that works best for the space, follow these recommendations from the design professionals to make your guest room as welcoming as possible.


Select a warm paint color for the space. Apply at least two coats of paint. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in new bed linens and a duvet from the terrific selection available at Soft Surroundings. Compliment your new bedding with window curtain panels and room darkening shades or blinds.  Soft rug and bedside tables should complete your furnishing needs. Have ample overhead lighting and bedside lighting for your guests.

Empty at least one foot of space, with coat hangers, in the closet for guests’ clothing. A tabletop for their use would also be welcome. If space allows, a luggage rack will save wear and tear on your new linens. Be sure to have a stack of fresh towels available in the guest room if there is not a dedicated bathroom. Consider the extras that guests might enjoy such as a bottle of water, tissues and current magazines. Most smartphones have alarm clocks today.

Finally, spend the night in the guest room. Yes, be a guest in your own home. That is truly the best way to know if you’ve covered all the details and your guest room space is comfortable, well-appointed and welcoming for your guests. Your guests will thank you!

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