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Common Grammar and Typing Errors When Writing Christmas Thank You Cards

When creating printable Christmas thank you cards, making grammatical errors could throw off the meaning you want to convey. If your words are misplaced, an otherwise good card could lose its charm. Before mailing your cards, you must take the time to read through them and ensure that there are no grammatical mistakes. Some of the most common errors include the following: The Sign Off Capitalizing your sign off is obvious. However, you may be confused if you wish to add another word. After Read more [...]

5 Tips to Communicate Effectively in Writing

Whether you're writing an e-mail, a memo, a newsletter article, or a report, it's crucial to understand the elements of effective communication. Once you've nailed them, you can expect to achieve better results. In general, there are 5 elements of effective written communication.
1. Be clear about the readers.
Who are the targeted readers? Laypeople, financiers, or engineers? The public or the members of the board of directors? Be clear about who they are, their level of education, and their professions. Read more [...]

Human Appeal thanks politicians for their work to help tackle poverty and suffering

Human Appeal, international aid and development non-profit, has thanked politicians for their work to help tackle poverty and suffering. Chief executive officer of the non-profit Othman Moqbel said that all those from across the political spectrum who have worked with Human Appeal have a shared goal of wanting to make the world a better place. He added that the only difference between the parties is their preferred route for achieving this aim.

Mr Moqbel also said that while cynicism towards politics Read more [...]

Using Collaboration Software To Replace Email Communication

A business professional nowadays simply comes to the office and then checks emails. This is definitely the way everyone is used to doing things but social networks, collaborative tools and mobile devices are highly growing in popularity. We have to understand that communication did change. The smart business manager, like Charles Phillips, is always the one that adapts to what is changing.

Email is no longer so popular because of the fact that there are better options. The collaboration software Read more [...]

Use Mailing List Services to Extend Your Reach

If you want to further market your products or extend your advertising campaign, if you are a salesperson looking for leads, if you are a publisher looking for a subscriber or if you want to create a discussion group with others who think like you, then mailing list services are a perfect solution for you. You can almost instantly access thousands of email addresses through the best business mailing lists services. However, you do need to understand what you are doing a little bit.

What Are Mailing Read more [...]

Five Reasons Why Companies Should Maintain a Blog

Blogging used to be a way for individuals to share thoughts and ideas with the world. However, the medium has experienced a resurgence over the past few years. Companies and executives are realizing the power of a blog for a number of different reasons. Social media, which blogs are big part of, is a hot commodity on the internet, and businesses that embrace the trend can quickly realize the benefits that are associated with the power of words.

Sharing Thoughts and Ideas
Companies that use a Read more [...]

How to Expand Your Business’ Audience and Network

As a small business, it’s important to regularly build your network, both online and offline. From growing your mailing list and social media following to attending networking events, a large part of your success relies on your ability to connect with people. Follow these tips in order to grow your network of business contacts.

1. Always have a signup sheet ready. Whether it’s a paper sheet on your front desk or a virtual signup on your tablet, let people who are interested in what you do Read more [...]

Top 5 Tips for Communicating with Your Employees

Employees are a company's most vital and important resource. They make the engine run, so to speak, carrying out the core business objectives and helping a company become successful. Mastering the art of communicating effectively (especially if they have their online communication degree) with employees honors their important role in a business by increasing employee engagement, a key factor in employee retention and success.

Effective communication with employees can improve using Read more [...]