10 Quick Tips About Programmatic

Online advertising is changing. The increasing replacement of human-activated insertion orders and digital purchases with programmatic technology promises greater efficiency – and higher profits. Here are 10 tips to help you make the most of it.

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1. Pinpoint the important data

In just one day, 2.5 billion gigabytes of data is created – and that number is only likely to increase. There’s no point in trying to store all of it, so be smart in leveraging the relevant customer data you already have. Context is everything if you want to know how to increase attractiveness.

2. Understand the path to purchase

It’s important to know what customers buy, but it’s equally vital to know how they reach that decision. Effective marketing requires a clear understanding of the journey, so focus on identifying details such as time to conversion, stage-specific bounce rate and clicks per conversion.

3. Pick your moment

Being in the right place at the right time is key to programmatic marketing, but only if used carefully. More than one-third of consumers now use several devices simultaneously, so synchronising brand awareness across platforms has strong appeal. Be careful to keep your message contextually appropriate.

4. Use incentives wisely

Since the programmatic approach is the one which leads to the highest profits for you, it makes sense to encourage your customers to use it – and a great way to do that is to incentivise them. A simple but effective approach would involve offering a discount for API orders, or perhaps more attractive terms.

5. Look to the future

It may seem tempting to gauge the success of a campaign in terms of its initial impact, but counterintuitive though it may seem in today’s fast-moving online environment, short-term measurement can be more a curse than a blessing. To provide a truer picture, devise objectives that measure long-term results.

6. Mobile is a way of life

Today’s online world is a mobile one, and if you don’t appreciate that then your campaigns will fail. Any effective ad strategy must contain ads that work on small screens as well as they do on traditional monitors. Keep things compatible with all devices by using HTML rather than Flash.

7. What does measurement mean to you?

Traditional online metrics such as Cost Per Acquisition are no longer sufficient for measuring marketing success. To track a campaign’s results effectively, metrics such as Click Through Rate should be supplemented with brand-centric metrics such as unique reach and dwell time.

8. Industry standards matter

Using proprietary APIs for programmatic advertising is not likely to be cost-effective for the majority of businesses, due to the need for custom coding and ongoing maintenance. It makes more sense to start with an industry standard API, moulding it to your needs as appropriate.

9. Be creative with formatting

All successful campaigns stand out from the crowd, so think outside the box. Avoid causing annoyance to customers – existing or prospective – so use high-impact formats like embedded video sparingly. The same applies for interstitials and social media-based ads, but used carefully they can bring significant gains.

10. Hold the customer’s interest

Telling a memorable and engaging story will give your campaign a built-in advantage over its competition. Research ultra-successful ad campaigns in all media, identifying the common features that mark them out. Time and again, you’ll find that they tell a great story.

The programmatic revolution offers exciting opportunities for business that utilise its advantages well. Making use of its new abilities while maintaining a clear, unified brand image will bring many benefits.

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