Your Responsibilities When You Rent a Business Premises in London

When you are setting up in business in London you need to do more than draw up a business plan and work out your marketing strategy. You also need to focus on some of the more practical issues involved in running and maintaining your business premises, including how to ensure electrical and gas safety. Gas and electric safety are imperative to maintain in order to provide a safe working environment for employees and safety for the public. As well as gas and electricity, you should also pay attention to general health and safety.


Health and Safety Responsibilities

You will carry out a health and safety assessment, taking note of where you can make changes in order to improve safety features. You are responsible for fire safety, electrical equipment safety, managing asbestos, and gas safety. With gas safety you need to maintain any gas equipment on the premises in a safe manner, in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer. You will also need to carry out an annual gas safety check which is carried out by a Commercial Gas Engineer London, who is registered Gas Safe. An annual gas appliance check looks to make sure that appliances and pipework are safe, the flue is in good working order, that the appliances are working efficiently and that the meter and pipes are structurally sound and being properly maintained. If you have gas heating you will also need a commercial boiler service london check, which specifically covers the boiler. It is a good idea to have an annual boiler service not just because it keeps the boiler working safely but because it safeguards the boiler against breakdown, and helps avoid the large cost of having to replace it.

What You Need to Provide

In addition to the health and safety requirements above, you also need to provide certain elements relating to the environment and the comfort of employees and the public. You need to provide a reasonable temperature in the London workplace, and make sure there is enough space for people to work. You need to ensure that there is adequate ventilation and that the lighting provides for good working conditions. As a London business owner you should provide toilet and hand washing facilities, as well as drinking water. All equipment on the premises, whether related to gas or otherwise, should be safe.

What the Landlord Should Do

The amount of responsibility the landlord has for general health and safety and maintenance is written in the lease. The detail will vary from business to business. You also have a responsibility, within reason, to make sure that the landlord complies with his or her responsibilities.

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