Why You Must Check People Throughly Before They Work For You

When your business hires staff how much of a background check do you carrying out the people that you are planning to recruit? In my experience the large number of companies would say ‘not very much’ when asked this question but the truth is that the failure to check people can cause a huge amount of issues. It isn’t important what the position is that you are hiring for, the very fact that you will be putting someone inside your business without first vetting them is a foolish act and here are some of the potential consequences.




If you wish to hire a convicted felon then this is entirely your choice and many would applaud you for doing so. However if someone has failed to declare their criminal history, this is something that you will want to know about. Let’s say for example that someone has a history of violence and just a few short months after hiring them they attack a fellow worker. Should this occur and you had no knowledge of the person’s history because you failed to carry out a simple check, this attack will be very much on your shoulders.


Even if you are happy to take on ex-convicts there are some crimes which simply cannot be looked past and if you hire someone with a heinous history, and then it is later discovered, this could do great damage to the reputation of both you and your company.




I saw a case recently whereby a business owner that I work with found out two members of his team had been giving out money to their friends and families by offering a false refund. By the time that the gentleman found out about this his small business had lost thousands. What he failed to realize was that these scam artists had done the same thing in their previous job. Whilst the previous employer had not contacted the police, a simple phone call by way of a background check could have highlighted this immediately and they would never have found a job in the first place.




Many people lie on their resume to make it look as though they have a more glittering educational history than they actually have and whilst it is not necessarily an evil move to do this, it does show that the candidate in front of you is prepared to lie in order to get what they want. I always think this is very foolish because people have more of a chance being hired if they aren’t qualified than if they are exposed as a liar. A background check will find out this information very quickly indeed and then you can see the candidate for what they really are.


A simple Google check on your potential recruit is not enough and even the BBB recommend that you thoroughly review a person’s background before you hire them, it is easy and quick and can help you to avoid some serious problems.

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