Why to Employ the Time and Attendance Software?

We all are managers in our respective lives- whether it is coordinating a product launch or managing office employees. At times, it becomes tedious. However, with the emerging growth of technology, one can easily manage to become a multi-Tasker. And one such innovation of technology is the timesheet to track employee productivity.

Whether you are responsible for managing personnel in an organisation or running a recruitment firm, this time management tool aptly fits the purpose. Let us find out how?

Timesheet software for the Human Resource Department:

Transparent forum of tracking progress:

Timesheet assist HR professionals with the ability to automate workflows, work together with teams and most importantly track their performance and progress through the interactive timesheet tool. The recruitment firms also use this collaborative approach to stay organized while scheduling interviews, managing and placing candidates and other recruitment activities.

A medium to manage work on time:

If you are petrified with the heap of resumes to work with, the simple solution is to employ time sheet and get the resumes promptly flow in an organized sheet. The software tracks the background, status of the candidate and their feedback on applicants. It ensures that all the paperwork is completed on time and documented properly.

The hiring detail can be tracked smoothly:

The software identifies the primary responsibilities related to new hires and make sure that it is completed smoothly. It provides a detail of the standard operating processes and timeline for hiring, including recruiting and interviewing candidates, defining the position and approval as well as closing a new hire. The peripheral tasks of attaching files, assigning deadlines are all taken care while working with this time management software.

Planning software:

When all information of the employee is centralized in one place, it is easy to plan for larger projects. With the employee detail, the HR can effectively manage to integrate ideas while executing any plans.

Timesheet software for employee time management:

An employee clocks in and out every 1.3 seconds somewhere in this world by using the time tracking software. The majority of the companies trust this technology for its simplicity. An employee can track their working hours from anywhere via different mediums- laptop, PC, mobile phone, tablet, GPS-enabled apps either with manual timesheet or clock in and out punch card facility. Therefore, employee time and attendance tracking is no more a headache for the HR professionals. This helps a business focus on their time and energy to run their venture successfully instead of wasting time to find out how to run the HR software.This in turn boosts company’s productivity and includes more flexibility in the workflow.

Benefits of using time tracking software:

As the software track time automatically, the gross payroll figure is also calculated automatically

Administrators can also add notes to individual entries

The software can check identical and overlapping entries

Ensure an easy-to-use report feature

Administrators can enter and edit time and data when required

There is a separate password for the employees and the administrator

It automatically transfers report data to PDF, Excel or in image format for analysis and sharing

The software is well equipped for network access

It provides backup feature to protect data

Businesses which dislike tracking employee attendance and gets incredulous with the accounting and payroll headaches can be benefited from this electronic timesheet online tool.

Employing the time tracking software is the ideal way to conveniently measure productivity depending on the type of operation the business is involved in. It helps a business with real-time insight into workforce productivity as well as remains compliance with the labor law.

Author Bio:

Mary Yohanan works in a KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) firm in the UK. She specialises in the use of tool based timesheet portal software and project management dashboards. Mary also prepares and manages customised timesheets for employee productivity and empowerment which saves her crucial business hours.

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