Why Product Packaging is a Crucial Aspect in Marketing

Have you ever wondered what makes some brands popular as opposed to others yet the product itself is somewhat homogenous? Well, the secret may be in the packaging. Having a product well packaged, changes not only its appearance but also impacts on the psychology of the customer. Don’t get me wrong, the product and its performance are equally important and should be taken seriously but not at the expense of packaging.

Ask yourself, how many customers or end users will go to the extent of finding out whether the nutrients or features as indicated really exist? Very few if you ask me. However, many of them will buy because a product has been well presented to suit their preference. Below are some of the roles product packaging from The Box Co-op play in making your brand successful.


Protective Function

This is the key role packaging accomplishes. It protects the product from damage while in transit as well as when on the shelves. Depending on the product, packages come in different types. There are boxes, containers and so forth. If the packaging does not fulfill this role very well then it doesn’t matter how aesthetically pleasing it is, it shouldn’t be used. Product safety is a priority because it directly impacts on the product quality and can easily boost or jeopardize its functionality.

Some packaging may be for purposes of transport only while others cover the product up and until the customer buys it.

The Aesthetic Function

Packaging also makes the product attractive to the customer and this may easily influence the purchase decision. Decisions are usually made based on our perceptions and this means sight can crucially determine whether a customer should buy or not. The choice of the packaging should thus be carefully researched to determine the appropriate color and design appeals to the customer.

Promotional and Informational Function

You can use packaging to promote your product. For instance, product information can be imprinted on the packaging to help customers understand more about the product as well as directions on how to use it. This is important because it gives the customers sufficient information to confidently use the product and get the full benefits.

The packaging can also include a bit of information about the company and other products it sells. This promotional knowledge is very critical as it pushes the customer towards trying out the rest of your other products.

Brand and Product Differentiation

As pointed out earlier, products may be similar in functionality but packaging can set them apart. Differentiation is very important as it creates a boundary and sets a preference which can catapult your brand into the limelight and make it a leader in your industry. The names, color scheme and company logo helps to identify your products from competition.

Shoppers tend to identify with certain brands and this makes them comfortable purchasing any product as long as it carries the logo or brand of their company. Changing packaging can also alter the perception of the brand from a shelf warmer to a fast moving product.

It is therefore important you choose your packaging well and ensure it reflects every aspect of your product.

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