Why Flyers Should be an Essential Part of Your Marketing Arsenal

Ask many consumers what they think about advertising and they’ll probably instantly picture the ads that pop up on their phones or video ads that have gone viral on the internet, and of course the ever popular TV ads inserted seemingly more and more frequently between high rating TV shows.


But advertising hasn’t always been so high profile and high budget. Indeed, while some advertising agencies seem to earn their reputation by pushing the boundaries of what an advert is – other methods which have always worked continue to do so – without fuss or earning viral status. Ask yourself – if your business is locally based, what good would a viral internet ad do your business?

The flyer

One of the most trusted and commonly used advertising mediums is the humble flyer. Yes, it’s been around ever since we can remember – and for good reason – nothing lasts that long unless it actually does what it’s supposed to, and that means communicating your message to potential customers to try and attract them to your business.

The humble flyer has also undergone its own transformation, from simple ink and paper to high resolution graphics and glossy finishes, to attract the attention of consumers.

How to use a flyer for your business

While printing techniques may have advanced – the basic principles of designing a flyer have not. A good headline is a must – posing a question – or making a statement that will pique the interest of the reader. Short and straight-to-the-point text is also a must; no fuss, no fluff – just give it to them straight.

What can your business do for the reader? How can you solve their problem? What should they do if they’re interested? The latter is essential, because without a relevant and clear call to action, the power of your flyer will be diminished, and so too will the returns.

Experts in the production of advertising materials such as http://www.rollerbannersuk.com know only too well what the crucial elements of an effective flyer for promoting your business are – and will be happy to help your business create a truly novel and innovative flyer which draws consumers to your business.

Even a small business with limited marketing resources can, with a modest investment in a well-designed flyer and targeted distribution, reap seriously good results in terms of response.

Just be ready to deal with those potential new customers when they call or arrive at your business. There’s no point in stimulating interest in your business if you can’t fulfill the promise of delivering what you promised. An attention grabbing flyer will bring people in – it’s then up to you and your sales team to engage with them and convert them into happy and satisfied customers.

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