Who Is Responsible for a Slip and Fall?

A slip and fall incident is an accident in which the person slips and falls on a liquid substance or an object. Such an incident can occur in a wide variety of places. The most common places that slip and fall incidents occur are department stores, restaurants and business offices. Thousands of people experience slip and fall incidents, and almost 1,000 people die from them each year. The ones who do not die sometimes have long-term injuries from which they suffer. Those people often wonder who is at fault in a slip and fall occurrence.


Slip and Fall Occurrences Are Personal Injuries

Most slip and fall occurrences qualify as personal injuries because neglect is involved in the case. Neglect is an action or lack of action that is not in the best interest of the person involved. In a slip and fall occurrence, the department store or restaurant can be neglectful in many ways. A classic example of a slip and fall incident is a “wet floor” incident that occurs when someone mops a floor. Neglect occurs when the customer slips on the wet floor because no “wet floor” sign was out. The business is neglectful in such a case because no one warned the customers of the potential danger.

About Percentage of Fault

Sometimes the injured person can be partially at fault for an injury. Such a person can still collect compensation if the business is at fault, too. A personal injury lawyer Etobicoke speicalist could review the case to see if the offending party can accuse the victim of having some fault in the indecent. The victim could still be eligible to collect compensation if he or she is less than 50 percent responsible for the occurrence. The victim may be eligible to receive one or two types of compensation. The first compensation type is compensatory damages, and they pay for doctor’s bills, time lost from work and the like. The second type of compensation an lawyer can try to get is punitive damages. Punitive damages sometimes count as additional punishment for the offending party, and they may cover pain and suffering.

Contact a Lawyer Today

The victim of a slip and fall incident should never go without visiting a lawyer for a case evaluation. He or she may be surprised to find that the case is eligible for assistance. An injured person can contact a lawyer today by calling or completing a form.

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