What is Commercial Litigation?

Though the question of what is commercial litigation may not be a popular one, it is one that is asked from time to time. Generally speaking, those searching for the answer are either learning about the process for a class or they are individuals who might be finding themselves immersed in a case and needing legal advice and service. If you find yourself needing legal assistance, you’ll find that there are several practices that can help, such as Davis & Campbell. Their Of Counsel, Jonathan Bunge, is a leader in the world of commercial litigation, as well as many other law subjects. Due to his extensive law experience and his educational background, which includes two degrees from Princeton and Harvard, Mr. Bunge can successfully help you navigate through the maze that ensues.

Before you call an advisor however, you may want to take a look at the information below in order to help first understand what the world of commercial litigation is all about.

What is commercial litigation?

When a law firm offers a commercial litigation practice, it is covering all aspects of commercial relationships including those disputes involving the Uniform Commercial Code. You’ll also find that it covers business dissolutions, leveraged buyouts, contracts and other various financial arrangements. Generally speaking, when a case is presented, it tends to fall under the category of general commercial litigation. These can span various business disputes from distributors, vendors, business to business disputes and legacy liability issues. It also covers real estate disputes.

You’ll also find cases of misrepresentation within commercial litigation. These cases are when fraud or misrepresentation is alleged. Though these particular cases take a bit of time, they often work hand in hand with a firm’s white collar crime and investigations practice.

Other commercial litigation needs

Sometimes, unfortunately, you’ll also find cases that deal with unfair competition, defamation, indemnity, trade secrets, state litigation, employment litigation, trademark infringement and whistleblower litigation. These cases also fall under the commercial litigation umbrella.

Do you need a commercial litigation attorney?

Though you’ll find time and money spent on a commercial litigation attorney frustrating, you’ll also find that they are well worth it. Because of the complex maze that is commercial litigation, you’ll want to have someone on your side helping you to not only understand what exactly is going on, but what the correct steps are to successfully win your case. Sometimes you’ll need to hire one for a one off case, other times it’s necessary to have one as part of your legal team. If you try to settle things on your own, you’ll often find yourself looking at a lawsuit of some type and wishing that you had hired a commercial litigation attorney from the beginning.

Though commercial litigation is not considered by many to be a fun topic, it is sometimes a necessary one. Before you find yourself in an unfortunate position, you’ll want to research commercial litigation attorneys as well as what commercial litigation is in the first place. This way you’ll be better prepared if something should happen.

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