Web designing blunders that can cost you big time – How to avoid them

We know ‘to err is human’ but when it comes to web designing, mistakes can not only help you prove that you’re a human but can also cost you huge amount of your dollars. Suppose you take a look back at your website design and see that you committed a mistake and suddenly it dawns upon you how you could make that design faux pas. Although you can’t go back in time, you can definitely make some rectifications in order to mend things. There are probably more than 100 deadly mistakes that can be committed by a web designer but you should be aware of some of the most common ones so that you don’t lag behind in the competition due to a fault of yours. Check out some such blunders.

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  • Not enabling the ‘back’ button: There are some evil site authors who have figured out how to disable the back button of the browser so that a host of undesired things happen when the user clicks on it. When a back button has been disabled and the user clicks on it, he is immediately redirected to some unwanted location and the browser stays put. A new unwanted window might even pop up and overtake the screen. All that you will get in return is that the viewers will get annoyed and won’t ever return back to your site.
  • Not adding contact details: If you’re a website which sells products and services, you should undoubtedly add a ‘Contact Us’ link from where the users can easily get your phone number, address, email id, fax number and the other details. This particular link should be placed in each page of the website. Even if you don’t receive any calls from the users, the presence of this information will add transparency and legitimacy to your website.
  • Opening of new windows: There was a time when using multiple frames to show content as the user clicked on it seemed to be cool enough but now it does nothing but annoys the viewers. Opening of new windows ties up system resources and slows down the response of the computer and complicates the experience of the visitor. Hence, this is something that should be totally avoided if you want to please your visitors.
  • Broken links: Broken links are those hyperlinks which do nothing when they’re clicked on. All they do is lead you to a 404 error page and such pages are a bane for any web user. You should test your website and do so every week so that you can get to know about broken links and mend them immediately before any user sees it. Make sure you include a “Contact the Webmaster” link in the footer of the site so that the users quickly can inform you when they find such broken links.

So, if you want to create a niche of your own, you have to avert making such disastrous mistakes. You may check out WebCentral Web design information to know more on this.

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