Using Wood Blinds to Create an Elegant Room or Office

Have you ever thought about what a blind actually is? The clue is in the name: it is something that is used to cover something, making it blind. You attach it to the inside of your window or door, thereby giving you a sense of privacy and blocking out the light.


Wood Blinds

A lot of people would like to install wood blinds in their home. This is because they are exquisitely beautiful and they allow you to bring a little bit of nature into your property. They also come in many different designs, which means you can give your space a personal touch. They are, unfortunately, slightly more expensive than other types of blinds, but sometimes, the money is worth it. After all, it is impossible to recreate their effect, even with faux-wood blinds. A great benefit is, as well, that they are very low maintenance. It is easy enough to clean these blinds using a cloth and a wood cleaner, and they will always look beautiful. Plus, they can be custom designed. If you do want to invest in wood blinds, make sure that you choose a really good quality. If you’re going to spend more, it may as well be worth it.

Faux Wood Blinds

If you can’t afford wood blinds, you can choose faux wood instead. They are not as beautiful, but they do have two main benefits over real wood:

  1. They are a lot more affordable than real wood.
  2. They can be used in high humidity areas like kitchens and bathrooms, as they won’t warp when in contact with moisture.

Wood blinds are generally made of vinyl, although some are a composite wood and vinyl material. These types of blinds are really good at blocking out the light. They also come in a range of different designs and colors, for which cloth tapes are used. Because of their popularity, more and more shapes, sizes and designs are starting to appear.

Mini Blinds

You can use mini blinds in order to have complete privacy and fully block out the sun light. This is why they are often installed in bedrooms or even in offices. However, they can also be very beautiful and enhance the overall look of a home. You will generally find these blinds in wood, faux wood or aluminum and they can be either horizontal or vertical. Aluminum models are by far the cheapest, which is why they are often found in student accommodation, shops and offices. They also require almost no maintenance and they will last for years and years.

You can, as stated, purchase these in real wood as well. This will once again give you the opportunity to create a warm, natural look in your building. However, real wood mini blinds are much more expensive than their aluminum counterparts and they also don’t last as long. Clearly, you will have to decide what you personally find more important: price or look.

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