Using Collaboration Software To Replace Email Communication

A business professional nowadays simply comes to the office and then checks emails. This is definitely the way everyone is used to doing things but social networks, collaborative tools and mobile devices are highly growing in popularity. We have to understand that communication did change. The smart business manager, like Charles Phillips, is always the one that adapts to what is changing.

Email is no longer so popular because of the fact that there are better options. The collaboration software opportunity is definitely the one that you do want to take into account at all times. This is mainly because we are faced with the great market tools that are built to facilitate business communication. Collaboration software is basically great because of the following reasons.



Saving Time

The truth is that a lot of money is lost when checking emails. Inboxes normally end up being overflown. Using social collaboration software means you have access to the updates associated with all projects that the company has at the same time. You can thus easily respond to what is more important and thus save much time as you speed up the communication process.

Increased Productivity

As you only use emails in order to communicate, productivity is reduced. You do tend to have the email opened whenever you work. This can distract you whenever you receive unsolicited email. Productivity can instantly be increased whenever you reduce how much time you spend checking email. Whenever using collaboration software, the email address becomes a great notification center.

Lower Confusion

You can so easily end up losing information in your email as you forward or you add people in CCs and BCCs. When you remove the email you will have one dashboard that will hold the information that is necessary for all that have access. Direct communication is a lot less confusing than with the email.

Better Collaboration

We should all understand the fact that email was not created in order to facilitate collaboration. As a simple example, when you send an edit to any document through the email, your time is not used properly. Confusion and errors can easily appear. Shared documents that can be viewed by different people at the exact same time will be beneficial. All the important notes and updates added will surely be viewed by staff members. It is so easy to thus figure out the exact progress of the project. Great decisions can be made about the following steps.

Easily Search Information

Emails stand out as closed systems. The only people that will be able to search through the accounts are the people that own the email address. Limiting the speed associated with information access is something that becomes reality. Collaboration software helps because all information will be available in the same place. Searching through the data that was gained is very easy.

As it can easily be noticed, it is a very good idea to use collaboration software. Never try to use only emails in business collaboration. This would be a pretty huge mistake. The benefits we highlighted are more than enough for you to figure out that this is the case.

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