Unique and Unusual Franchises You Can Invest in Today

When you hear the word franchise, you probably think of the same type of companies that others do, including restaurants and gyms. Though you can still invest in those business, there are now a wide range of more unique and unusual franchises that can help you make more money by simply standing out in your city and offering something different or unexpected.


Brick by Brick

LEGO is one of the top toy manufacturers in the world today. Though the company always remained popular over the years, its popularity grew significantly in recent years. Not only did fans see their favorite toy come to life in The LEGO Movie, but they also has the chance to create and play with characters based on the toys in a series of hit video games. Brick by Brick is a new franchise opportunity that lets you make money with your own shop that teaches classes on how to use, design and build with LEGO bricks. 

Soccer Shots

If you love kids, you might consider investing in Soccer Shots. Started by three good friends who played soccer in college and wanted to share their love of the game with others, this franchise consists of small schools. Teachers working for those schools run classes and lessons designed to teach others the rules of the game. Classes are open to kids as young as two and as old as eight. Soccer Shots franchises often do well in areas that lack teams for younger players and in cities with competitive sports teams.


Husse is a newer company that started when the founder had an idea on how to make life easier for pet owners. The founder realized that pet owners wanted to feed their dogs and cats premium foods but that many had a hard time deciding which food was best. Husse provides pet owners with help deciding between different types of high quality food, and representatives from the company actually deliver the food directly to customers’ homes. Though Husse reported some tremendous growth over the last few years, it still needs investors for some key markets across the country.

UFC Gyms

As long as there are people who want to get in shape and lose weight, there will be a market for fitness franchises. While you can invest in some top names, you can also get in on the ground floor of a growing business like UFC Gyms. UFC, also known as Ultimate Fighting Championship, is a combination of kick boxing, martial arts and other fighting styles. Though you may not find it listed in the same places you go for investment information like the Pete Briger wiki, you will find it on some of the lists of the fastest growing franchises.


Among the fastest growing food franchises in the United States is the company called Saladworks. Saladworks put their own unique spin on the idea of fresh ordering. In addition to sandwiches, you’ll find a menu filled with soups, salads and other dishes. Customers can completely customize their orders based on the ingredients that suppliers deliver fresh to the restaurant every day. With so many people looking at eating healthier, Saladworks should only keep growing in the future. With unique and unusual franchises, you can make money and give your customers something a little different.

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