Top Tips for Finding a Job in the Technology Sector

Applying for a job in a specific industry is harder than many people think. You can’t just send the same application to a supermarket that you would for a job working in an office because they require different skills and, therefore, you need to include different pieces of information in your application.



Despite this sounding quite obvious, many people still send out blanket applications with a templated CV and covering letter and then they seem bemused when they’re turned down for an interview because they were “oversubscribed for this position” and their application “has been unsuccessful on this occasion.”


If you can’t be bothered to put in the effort in your application, it hardly bodes well for you to put the effort in when you start working for the company and that can come across in your application. You need to ensure that whatever industry you’re applying for a job in, you’ve got experience, desire and something to offer and, as such, you need to get that across in your application.


The technology sector is one of the most competitive these days with so many companies now either basing their whole business online, working on the tech-side of things as an external agency employed to look after company websites or combining the web with their physical stores. To find yourself a job in this industry you need to make sure that you fulfill everything they’re asking for because if you don’t, someone else will.


So where do you start?



One of the most obvious places to start is to look for a specific recruitment agency who work with or on behalf of technology-based businesses. If you’re looking for IT sales jobs for instance you want to make sure that you speak with a company who has experience and expertise in finding both interviews and full-time employment for job seekers looking to fill IT sales roles, not necessarily everything across the sector.


Experience and Expertise

In an increasingly competitive industry you need to find a way of standing out and ensuring that your application has that little extra something to land yourself an interview at the very least. Having some form – any form – of work experience and expertise from within the industry is a great way of doing just that because it shows that you’ve gone out and earned some vital experience in the industry and that you could bring a level of expertise to the role immediately rather than someone who would have to start from scratch and be trained while in the position.


Provide Examples or Analysis

The industry is becoming increasingly analytics-focussed as companies look to use the increasing amounts of data available to inform their decisions. If you have the ability to provide a critique on a certain part of the company website, for example, that you feel might be relevant to the application then be sure to go into as much detail as you can using either examples of what you’ve learned previously or what systems or processes you would use to resolve the issue. Not only does it show that you’ve done your background research but it shows initiative and forward-thinking too.

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