Tired of Commuting? Here are 5 Exceptional Online Business Ideas to Try Out

Entrepreneurship is the way to go because it is the only channel which can create real wealth for you. Traditionally, starting a business meant having a brick-and-mortar space and hiring attendants to help you out with your customers. Thanks to the internet, all this is water under the bridge and you can start a thriving business at the comfort of your home with just your desk and computer.


Having a work from home business saves you on lots of unnecessary costs and at the same time opens it up to a wide base of customers because geographically, no boundaries exist. Here are some business ideas to start you off.

Starting a Specialized Online Store

Being a retailer online is not as tasking as it is offline. This is because your market is the entire universe and you can easily specialize because customers are in their millions. Whether you venture into dollhouse furniture or organic dog food, there are buyers for almost anything you put up online.

To be able to sell and get paid, hire a web designer and developer to come up with a website for you complete with eco-commerce solutions. There are many vendors who can directly ship products to your customers making it absolutely unnecessary for you to maintain huge inventory.

Cover Letter or Resume Writing

It is one thing to have the right qualifications to land you a job and quite another to express yourself to the potential employer through a well done resume and cover letter. Because of this challenge that candidates face, you can create a business that focuses on this type of writing so as to solve the problem and earn out of it.

Writing stellar resumes will help your customers to be hired fast and this can create repeat business for you.

Nutritional Coach

The Centers for Disease Control estimate that close to 70% of adult population in the United States is either obese or overweight. Most Americans do not have as much information pertaining to nutrition and this is where you come in to help the millions of people out there to eat healthy and lose weight.

In order to successfully establish and run this business, you ought to be a registered dietician. By combining personal support, nutritional knowledge and exercise, you can help lots of people lead healthier lives.

Online Teaching

If you are a graduate or have specialized knowledge in an area, you can commercialize that and start teaching online. Your expertise can help others enrich their lives by giving them online classes. For instance, if you are good at yoga or cake baking, you can put up online and create instructional and downloadable videos or even set up Skype lessons with your clients.

Selling Handmade Craftwork

If you can provide a steady supply of quality and unique handmade items such as crocheted blankets or painted glassware, there are websites that can give you a platform to sell them off such as Etsy and ArtFire. The startup costs to this kind of businesses are extremely low and you can qualify for deep discount if you buy the crafts in large quantities.

Any of the above is a viable business on its own and you can make a substantial income depending on the effort and investment you put in it.

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