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Whether you’re an avid driver or you only climb behind the wheel every once in awhile, road safety should be at the front of your minds. We use our cars to get us from A to B and the majority of us take for granted being able to hop into our cars at a moment’s notice. But how safe are we? There’s a lot to think about when it comes to staying safe on the roads from your car’s condition (think tyre pressure, brake lights, oil levels) to the drivers personal health (have you ever got behind the wheel when you were feeling more than a little sleepy?!)

Check your safety

We want to hear about what road safety means to you. How often do you check the condition of your car? Do you assess yourself before you get behind the wheel? Safety preparation before you begin your journey is key so we want to know what your top safety tips are. And what about whilst you’re on your journey? Do you have any driving habits that are particularly interesting? For some people listening to music helps them concentrate behind the wheel whilst for others the temperature of their car is the key to ensuring a safe drive.

Top stats to share

  • 44% of drivers carry out safety checks (such as oil, tyre pressure and brake light checks) at least once a month
  • 20% of people said they would carry out safety checks on a car before beginning a journey regardless of whether they were the driver
  • 39% of respondents put the personal health of the driver as the most important safety element
  • 83% of people believe that the safety of the passengers is the driver’s responsibility

Share your tips

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