The Steps to Follow after a Work Injury

You went to work expecting a normal day with routine activities but then you had an accident. Depending on how severe your injury was your finances could be impacted for quite a lengthy period of time. Of course the first step that you will do after the accident is to seek the help of a doctor. If you have a doctor in the workplace setting this can help to determine how serious your injury is; additional resources can be brought in from the community to get you the immediate medical attention that you need. What steps must you follow after being injured at work? Use the steps below to help you navigate through the process of doing paperwork for your employer and making a claim to help compensate you.


  • Your company must have a safety policy and procedure in place that will guide the employees around you and supervision about how to proceed with caring for you. You won’t be immediately thinking about an accident at work claim but do take time to commit to memory what happened, who saw the accident, and how you were treated by supervision once the accident was over.

  • No matter where you are taken or who treats you, if you are awake and alert ask for copies of any paperwork that is being generated about your accident. Refrain from signing important documents offered by your employer until you can retain the services of a solicitor experienced in workplace accidents. As soon as you are mentally and physically able you should hire a solicitor that can help you gather your documentation and file a claim for submission. The experts at recommend that you review the website of the agency that interests you so that you can check their level of expertise which will be an indicator of how well they can service your needs.

  • Next, pull together all of the documents that you have collected so that your solicitor can see the details of your accident, the doctor’s prognosis, and the money that you have already had to spend for treatment. Together you will also need to determine how much further financial assistance you will need to continue your quality of life. A good solicitor will know the fair amount of compensation that you should request and what type of documentation you will need to claim this amount. They can work with you and your medical team to arrive at these numbers accurately. Your goal will be to be reimbursed for all expenses that you have already had to pay and any amount that is projected for future treatment and possible therapy.

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