The Importance Of Physical Activity For A Successful CEO Like Charles Phillips

There are many things that have to be said about the work that Charles Phillips has been doing for years now. We are faced with one of the most successful business managers in the world. He was always covered in the media about the actions that he took in business. This is quite normal. However, what was not really discussed is his life outside of work. You might say that Infor CEO Charles Phillips’ job was his mistress but he does do a lot more than what many believe.

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In case you were not aware of this, Infor is currently among the largest of the ERP service providers in the world. The company is definitely one that is carefully analyzed by the specialists because of the different results that appear on a constant basis. If we were to rank companies in ERP, Infor would be rated as being number 3, behind only Oracle and SAP. This is quite ironic since Phillips was CEO of Oracle before being appointed Infor CEO.

What we are going to talk about at the moment is the importance of physical activity for a successful businessman. Few people realize how important sports are for basically everyone. Charles Phillips always loved basketball. This should come as no surprise to those that know him since he was often spotted on the courts. Phillips declared that the reason why basketball always attracted him was the fact that it was a really physical team sport. Individual efforts basically played a really strong role in the success of the entire team. Players have to work together in order to reach the desired outcome. This is not easy to do, just as it is not at all easy in business to have a team that is fully effective and that has members work together.

Why Sports?

Sports are important due to various different reasons. They offer discipline and they get you ready for the long days at the office. At the same time, physical activity of any kind is going to offer you the possibility of being able to take some time off. The mental side of things is the one that is often neglected when looking at sports in general.

There is a clear connection between physical activity and sports in the sense that those that do often practice sports will be able to compete better in the business world. It is definitely something you will want to remember at the end of the day.


Do you feel tired because of all the work that you do on a constant basis as you take care of your business? If so, how about picking up some sort of hobby? Getting involved in sports is what will help out a lot more than what you initially thought. Find something that you like and if possible, focus on something that involves team play. Team sports are normally great for the businessmen. Never focus on individuality since there is no place for that in modern business.

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