The benefits of hiring freelancers for small businesses

All small business owners face challenges that threaten business continuity on a regular basis and it is no exaggeration to suggest that hiring a scalable, talented and proactive workforce is key to mitigating these ongoing risks and issues. Cost savings, scalability and expertise are factors that can enable an enterprise to flourish and target growth and there are numerous reasons why flexible workers are the best resource for SMEs to achieve these goals.



Hiring freelancers allows you to bring in talented, experienced professionals suited to a particular niche role in the short term. During the formative months of micro businesses and SMEs, there are often specific tasks that need to be fulfilled more readily such as building a robust IT infrastructure. Selecting a freelancer from a pool of skilled workers will enable you to get experts on board quickly without the hassle of hiring permanently. You will then be free to look at other areas of the business where expertise is required months down the line and make short term hiring decisions that work for you.


Flexibility and scalability is key for a small business and this is where a flexible workforce excels. A team of permanent employees can often be a drain on resources, especially during quieter periods of the year. Hiring freelancers will ensure you get the skills and knowledge you need, when you need it and you can scale your numbers up and down depending on your requirements. Many contractors also work remotely, which can ideal for those with smaller premises.


SMEs traditionally have smaller budgets so dipping into the freelance market will enable you to hire depending on the rates you want to pay. Talented professionals will still want ample remuneration but you will have more choice regarding who you bring on board and the duration of their contract. Establishing a mix of new and experienced freelancers is ideal for small enterprises. Freelancers can also work outside of traditional nine to five hours so that can be advantageous for your budget plans. You can use an umbrella company to find the best freelance workers available in the UK.

Lower overheads

Hiring freelancers will keep overheads to a minimum. When taking on full time employees, you have to consider additional costs such as benefits and equipment, which can add up over time. In contrast, you only pay flexible workers the rate of pay you agreed on and nothing more. They will also usually have access to their own tools and be able to work on demand from home or even abroad. Permanent employees can be considered more of a sunk cost for this reason.

Rehire or look elsewhere

One great aspect about short term hiring is that contractors may be more determined to impress in order to increase their chances of being rehired. This arrangement works for employees too as if the contractor doesn’t meet your standards, you will able to let them go once the contract ends and opt to take another professional instead. This short term agreement is ideal for small businesses.

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