The 4 Biggest Benefits of Launching Your Startup in the Cloud

Today’s corporate environment is fast paced, competitive and cut throat. With nearly one in six of the UK workforce running their own micro-enterprise, to venture into launching your own startup you will need to not only offer a great product but also run your company at an optimum level.

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Luckily for many startup directors, today’s technological advancement offers them the ability to do so. The cloud offers small corporations the same resources as large corporations and has an uncanny ability to equalize the playing field. When faced with the daunting task of starting your own business, launching it in the cloud is the best route to success.

Ease of Access

How many times have you had to dash out of the office and at the last minute remembered that you need to take your presentation off of the server and put it onto a USB stick? The clumsiness of servers and company networks has become outdated in the past few years, with the rise of on-demand knowledge.

With your business being in the cloud, your businesses information is at your fingertips at all times. It is accessible from anywhere and many cloud based software programmes take advantage of this. Sage solutions such as Sage Live allows directors to tap into real-time accounting data from anywhere and through any device.


Yes you read that correctly. Many businesses have a fear of the security and privacy risks associated with the cloud. Research shows that “the shift of control from technology users to third parties servicing the cloud through outsourcing makes people nervous”, and there is a natural fear of losing control of who can access sensitive data.

However, the ‘traditional’ means of data transfer and storage are far less secure than cloud solutions. Hardware can be lost, damaged, stolen or destroyed in countless ways, while these risks are drastically reduced with cloud-based data storage and transfer methods.

As Bask Iyer points out in the Entrepreneur, the amount of resources that cloud providers such as Google and Amazon put into their cloud services means that they can security measures quicker and more effectively than any startup could. The cloud allows for adaptability and the quick detection of vulnerabilities.


The cloud is not only accessible to its users but also to its service providers, which allows for the real-time fixing if bugs and defaults. There is no need to call in the IT department to restart your server. With cloud providers, issues can be detected and solved at a much quicker rate than traditional methods. Giving SMEs a level of efficiency that they would struggle to maintain when not based in the cloud.

Cost Saving

For startups who are already stretching their finances to the maximum, every penny is worth saving. With startups operating from the cloud, they are able to save on hardware and software. Onsite servers are no longer necessary as well as your outsourced IT department that charges a small fortune to fix your server every few months.

What’s more with Sage Live, the accountant that you would need to pay at the end of every month is no longer needed. With the ability to process invoices as you receive them, the extensive end of month processing is no longer needed.

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