Smart bill payment in the UAE

So many choices for paying bills but UAE residents should familiarize themselves with the many services available through the e-portal of Dubai Smart Government


Among Smarter ways to pay your bills in the UAE, physical payment options are still available but few people would choose to traverse the city in the Dubai heat for the joy of standing in a queue to make an over the counter payment!

Residents of the UAE have long been spoilt for choice when it comes to paying bills and since the introduction of the e-Dirham in 2001 with various e-Dirham prepaid cards for different payments, and with the continuous evolution of the government’s e-Payment system, paying for public services and other utilities has never been more simple. Although the system was slow to take off, year on year figures show that citizens and residents of the UAE are increasingly turning away from traditional payment methods, involving cheques and cash,  and are increasingly making their bill payments, using ePay (electronic payments) and mPay (mobile payments), through the government’s user friendly e-platform.

Why tire yourself out paying bills using traditional methods when you can do so from the comfort of your own home or office? Using ePay and mPay allows you to take care of all of your bill payments online. Many of your bills, including your electric bill from the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) can be paid through Dubai Smart Government services, along with many other fees and levies.

Telephone and cable bills can also be paid through a range of options through the main telecom providers like Etisalat and Du. In addition, you will be happy to know that by using the eco-friendly, paper-free e-Bill service you will also be reducing your carbon footprint!

Saving time and energy is only two of the many advantages of using the government’s e-Payment platform.  E-payments are an effective way of simplifying your life, especially if you own your own business or have many payments to make. E-payments are fast, allow for multiple transactions and can be made anywhere in the world, and from any available keyboard or smartphone.  The m-Pay app for iPhone and android is available free of charge and can be downloaded from Smart Government Dubai.

E-services provide a much safer and secure environment for bill payment than traditional methods of paying your bills so choose the smarter way!

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