Six Franchises that Do NOT Require a Storefront

storeThe conventional idea of a franchise is a storefront, often a restaurant like McDonald’s, where the franchisee picks out a key location, builds the store, and uses marketing to draw customers in. While this is true of many franchises, especially those in the food industry, many franchises exist without the need for any physical storefront. If you like the idea of managing a franchise but do not like the thought of creating or buying a physical location for the store, check out this storefront-free franchise options for easier entrepreneurial options: 

1. Mobile Store Experiences: Mobile stores are a far cry from the traditional storefront. These franchises encourage their entrepreneurs to go out and sell using a van or truck as a center of operations. Snap-On, for example, allows franchisees to purchase a truck outfitted with product demonstrations and everything that owners need to complete purchases. This is especially useful for service-oriented companies involved in mechanical work like Snap-On, or for companies that can go where the action is and sell food, drinks, or other items to active crowds.

2. Energy Drink Franchises: Energy drink franchises use a distribution model that enables owners to offer energy drinks at a variety of locations without actually setting up an official store. Wave and Nitro2Go are two examples in this very popular field. You buy the franchise, then set up relationships with nearby retailers and stores that are interested in carrying the drink. Energy drinks prove attractive because they can be sold to so many locations, from popular venues, nightclubs and bars to supermarkets and gas stations. 

3. Unique Vending Machine Franchises: Vending machine franchises use a number of vending machine spots around town to bring in revenue. Some energy drink companies use the vending machine model, but this industry is far larger and more varied than the energy drink sector. Companies create franchising opportunities that let people sell snacks, all-natural foods, coffee products, cigarettes, photo creations, and many other products. For those looking for an easy franchise opportunity, vending machine businesses tend to have low start-up costs, but plenty of expectations – location management is still important!

4. Painting Franchises: Residential painting franchises are another popular option where a storefront is not a necessity. Painting vehicles that can carry the necessary supplies and storage areas where painting supplies can be kept and protected are both requirements, but a physical place of business where clients visit is not needed. Instead, painting franchises like Fresh Coat Painters and Standard Paints Inc. seek out their customers and bring services to their doorstep. This requires a dedicated phone line and office space, but these are easy to set up through mobile work or at home.

5. Home Cleaning and Service Franchises: Home cleaning and related services, like painting, is a sector that brings its value to the customer. Based out of trucks and vans that carry the necessary cleaning supplies, franchises like Service Master Clean, Handyman Matters, U.S. Lawns and other make it easy to run a business without depending on a storefront that customers have to visit. These service companies are also easy to scale based on customer response and tend to have territorial controls to keep competition more limited.

6. Senior and Medical Care Franchises: Senior and medical care franchises are one of the largest new sections in the franchise world. Qualicare, Interim HealthCare, Acti-Kare, Amada, CareMinders the list goes on. These companies focus on in-home care of patients, specializing in aftercare and a number of basic medical services. In this case, it is the experience of the employee that matters. A storefront is not required to manage these businesses. 

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