Scottish Entrepreneurs Are Breaking New Ground In America

The recent rumblings of the independence movement in Scotland may have caught its other partners in the United Kingdom off guard, but many astute individuals in the world of commerce and business have long suspected that such things might ultimately come to pass. Even though the Scottish people have yet to declare their independence from the rest of the United Kingdom, they have already made an immortal name for themselves in the world of business in other countries, very much including the United States.


The Emigration Of Entrepreneurial Skills

The constant emigration of individuals with entrepreneurial skills has yet to affect the great nation of Scotland in an irreparable manner. With that said, it is certainly no secret that Scottish financial and commercial entrepreneurs have certainly enriched the history of other great nations on the earth, of which the United States is a proud example.

Could Scottish Independence Lead To A Mass Commercial Exodus?

The recent spate of speculation concerning the ultimate effects of a Scottish independence resurgence have captured the attention of media and commercial experts all over the world. It is certainly not implausible to think that such a movement could lead to an independent Scottish nation at some point within our life times.

Thus far, such movements have come to nothing. The recent Independence referendum was unsuccessful, being voted down by a margin of 55 to 45 percent. However, the same recent British election that saw David Cameron retain his post as Prime Minister also saw a massive upsurge in power for the Scottish National Party, an organization that many believe seek nothing less than complete independence for Scotland as its ultimate goal.

The Future Of Free Enterprise: Is Emigration On The Agenda?

Many people are experiencing serious cause for concern over the prospect of many Scottish businesses uprooting from their native land if it does, in fact, become detached from the United Kingdom. A possible beneficiary of such a move could well be the United States. This is all the more plausible since the two nations already share strong cultural and historical ties. However, the prospect of a majority of business people moving their property and holdings to a complete other country is not generally seen as a major possibility.

Scottish Business Know How: A Continuing Tradition

From the days of industrial barons like Andrew Carnegie, right down to the present, Scottish business people have played a huge part in the commercial culture of the United States. Recent additions to this proud and continuing tradition, such as Amscot CEO Ian MacKechnie, are doing their utmost to keep this trend alive. As long as the spirit of free enterprise prevails in the Western world, Scottish entrepreneurship promises to play a leading part in it.

The Current Scottish Presence In America

As it happens, there are already many dozens of Scottish companies already operating in the United States. This includes major global corporations, such as Scottish Power (who took over Pacific Corp in 1999) and Amscot. While the prospect of full Scottish independence from the United Kingdom may be a continuing logistical and economic nightmare for many businesses, there are plenty of indications that a sizable portion of farsighted entrepreneurs are thinking ahead to a possible future in which such a scenario is an accomplished fact.

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