Reasons Why You Should Be Investing Your Savings

If you have a healthy savings account then it is time that you started thinking about using it to grow your wealth, thousands of people often sit on cash that they aren’t using when they could be putting it to work. I saved all of my life and only ever used the money in emergency situations, then I read about different ways in which I could start making money from the money that I already had and I have never looked back. There are several ways that you can increase your savings and here are a few for your consideration.


When I decided that I wanted to invest, I wasn’t sure where or how I should do it, so I did some research and found Alta Growth Capital, a private firm that invests your money in large scale investments and buyouts, it had a great track record so I decided to go for it. My point man in the company was a man called Javier Garcia Teruel Avila, an intelligent guy with an MBA from Harvard University, years of experience in private equity investments and a successful portfolio of clients across the energy and finance sectors, he gained my trust very quickly and has shown me a great return on my investments. Before you decide to invest your money this way it is important that you do plenty of research on the company’s history of success.

Bank Account

If you are of the mind that you don’t wish to take any risks with your money then as a bare minimum you should be looking at what rate of interest you are currently receiving from your bank account. The current average in the U.S. is around 0.02%, this figure is worryingly low when you consider that there are accounts out there that can offer you rates as high as 1% annually, these accounts usually have requirements around how much money you need to have but if your savings are healthy then this shouldn’t be a problem. Placing your money in higher interest accounts won’t make you rich but it can provide you with much more money each year without any risk and without any effort.

Real Estate

If you know what you are doing then real estate can be a sound investment, if you want to get involved in real estate but don’t know too much about it then I’d advise that you spend a lot of time doing your research before parting with any cash. You should be looking at market trends, what type of property sells well in your area? How stable is the market? Will you make more money from renting or selling? These are just a few considerations that you should be looking at before you make your first investment. Once you know what you are doing then you can start buying property when you can and hopefully flipping it for a profit. Real estate requires patience and your money will be tied up for quite some time before you see any yield, if you can’t do without the cash for a long period of time then this is unlikely to be the option for you.

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