Reaching Out to Customers, Wherever They May Be

The Internet is something that has overtaken the world. It has created a virtual world where things, services, products, and persons from all over the world are easily accessible. This is a key concept which every person who wants to have a website should understand.


It is important to remember that on the Internet, physical distance or actual distance does not constitute a limit. A website may be owned by a British business owner, with a business address in the Netherlands, and servers in Malaysia or Panama, then programmers and content providers in India or Vietnam. The office itself may be just a single room with a desk and a secretary, a holding for hundreds of other companies with the same registered address.

This is vital information when starting your own website. Even if you cater to a very small area, where all your business and customers are located, there is no one telling you that your website should reside in a local server. There is actually no advantage to having a local server. In all probability, the fastest websites accessible from your location can have servers in other countries.

Global and Local

Thinking globally while acting locally does have its advantages online. You can place your website in any server in the world and it will be accessible no matter where you are located. By the same token, even if the website is on a server half a world away, you can still successfully market your products and services locally, as long as the web pages have content which cater to the local populace.

The truth is that users do not really care where the content is stored. As long as they can read the web pages on their browser, they will be perfectly happy. A recent study shows that if the website does not render on the device within two seconds, the user will quit the page and move on to another website. A website stored on the other side of the world might take slightly longer to get to your device, but, all things being equal, it should still be possible to access the website fairly quickly.

Acting locally is the aim of every small company. This is where they get their business. The community is where small companies start from. Without marketing locally, and focusing on their needs, websites would not be able to succeed.

A website is a virtual storefront, and it is vital to put your best foot forward. The website should be full of relevant, interesting and readable content. For those who market to the local populace, the content should be relevant to the lives of locals.

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