The Top Three Benefits of Printer Leasing for Your Business

If you own or operate a business, whether it’s a small or medium-sized enterprise or a large corporation, you have certain requirements that need to be met. Take printing, for instance. Most – if not all – businesses today have particular printing requirements, be it the need for a standard laser printer for the office or a plotter which can be used to accommodate CAD drawing. But this is where some difficulties may arise, as the cost of acquiring a printer (especially a highly-advanced Read more [...]

4 Key questions to ask before opting for a small business loan

Regardless of whether it’s a handful of extra cash to stay afloat during the mid-month financial crisis or it’s a big expansion, the biggest odds of operating a business is that you have to get a loan at some point of your life. It’s true that small businesses have ample financing options now than before but still navigating through the several types of loans that lenders offer can indeed make it a challenging experience for the borrower. Gone are those days when the bank was the only institution Read more [...]

The World’s Biggest Franchises

A franchise business model is key in order to allow companies to quickly scale their business and create a recognised brand name. Only a few stay successful in the long-term and create global brand name that will be recognised by all. McDonald’s, for example, employs over 375,000 people in a total of 36,853 units. These units are spread over 199 countries and generate an enormous revenue of $24,600,000,000. McDonald’s is easily one of the world’s biggest franchises, and there is no doubt that Read more [...]

Smart bill payment in the UAE

So many choices for paying bills but UAE residents should familiarize themselves with the many services available through the e-portal of Dubai Smart Government Among Smarter ways to pay your bills in the UAE, physical payment options are still available but few people would choose to traverse the city in the Dubai heat for the joy of standing in a queue to make an over the counter payment! Residents of the UAE have long been spoilt for choice when it comes to paying bills and since the introduction Read more [...]

Planning your first solo art exhibition – Tips to go about the process smoothly

Off late, too many artists are taking their careers too seriously in their own hands. Numerous art galleries have been striving to stay afloat and amidst this competition, there are many that have closed down. Those that are still there have trimmed down their list of artists. If you’re a struggling artist who has accumulated several great works of art and you wish to exhibit them, you should learn how to stage your own exhibition. If you can successfully create your own art exhibition, this is Read more [...]

Is it a good option to take out a car title loan?

Do you need money fast but your poor credit score is keeping you from getting access to conventional short term lines of credit? Obtaining a car title loan is one of the best ways of getting your hands on some really fast cash with no requirements of credit check and income verification. It might sound pretty straightforward to you but there are times when such loans can lead a borrower deep into debt even sometimes leave him without a car. Car Title loans – How do they work? If you took Read more [...]

Andrew Salmon takes uSwitch model to Turkey

There may be several thousand miles between the UK and Turkey, but that shouldn't get in the way of a sound business idea. Geographical location certainly didn't present an obstacle for Andrew Salmon, ex CEO of the UK price comparison site Looking further afield, Andrew Salmon, a former PricewaterhouseCoopers corporate financier, had his head turned by Turkey, where there is a large consumer market, experiencing significant growth in internet penetration and where there Read more [...]

Ways To Make Your Warehouse More Efficient

If you are looking to make your warehouse more efficient and streamline your operations, take a look at this infographic that the warehouse management system software from PeopleVox have created. If you follow these helpful techniques, then you will be sure to have a far more efficient warehouse for years to come. You will soon notice that the key to a smoothly-running warehouse involves focusing a lot on analysation and technology. One of the tips provided from this helpful list includes profiling Read more [...]

Telltale signs of a mismanaged company

Are you seeing this in your business right now: falling profits, inadequate quality control and high turnover levels, unhappy staff, poor customer service? There are many tell-tale signs of a mismanaged company, and it’s of concern to all stakeholders since it can result in layoffs, which is  bad news for employees, and a lowered stock prices for public companies, which is bad for investors. Indeed, the first step to creating a better setup for your company is to discover all the signs that Read more [...]

Home improvement loans – What to expect

There are times when a little bit of extra space becomes the need of the hour. And unless you have the cash to make the necessary changes, it does not make sense in planning out the décor. However, there are few loans that address such issues and by availing such loans, you can make the necessary changes that your house needs to make it a home! Explore options Even if you have been residing in United Kingdom for several years but it is quite possible that you may not be aware of the types of loans Read more [...]