Ways to efficiently handle your business accounts

There is no doubt that effective financial management is essential for business. If you are an entrepreneur running a new start-up or more established SME, then you need to make it a priority. Keeping on top of your business accounts will ensure that you don’t run out of cash, know the financial health of your business, and hit any necessary reporting deadlines that are legally required.   But what if you are new to handling business accounts or need a few tips on handling yours more Read more [...]

5 Ways Plugging into API Helps Business Efficiency

More and more businesses these days are using APIs to keep ahead of their competitors. API refers to “Application Programming Interface,” which is a specialized piece of computer code that enables 2 different databases or programs to communicate with each other and share operations. The REST API feature of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), for example, stands for Representational State Transfer, which usually uses http requests to get, put, post, or delete data. API integration is crucial Read more [...]

How to create a strong workforce

Creating a strong and engaged workforce is vital for any business to succeed. This can be an issue in the UK though with employee engagement and retention being low. Recent studies have shown that only one in three UK workers report being happy or fully engaged in their work. Of course, this presents a big challenge for any business owners or team leaders. Just how do you create a workforce that is strong, happy and there to stay? Build with your workforce in mind There are a few very effective Read more [...]

Securing a real estate deal

If you’re interested in entering the world of property, then you’re making a shrewd move. The value of the UK’s property sector is high, and it’s estimated that the housing sector alone in Britain is valued at over £7tn. From high-rise developments in urban centres and student cities to out-of-town housing estates and booming commercial lets, there are a whole host of opportunities for a budding real estate developer.   However, it’s not always a smooth road, and simply finding Read more [...]

5 Tips to Communicate Effectively in Writing

Whether you're writing an e-mail, a memo, a newsletter article, or a report, it's crucial to understand the elements of effective communication. Once you've nailed them, you can expect to achieve better results. In general, there are 5 elements of effective written communication. 1. Be clear about the readers. Who are the targeted readers? Laypeople, financiers, or engineers? The public or the members of the board of directors? Be clear about who they are, their level of education, and their professions. Read more [...]

How to stay on top of your small business’s finances

Businesses can be enormously complicated to run, especially when it’s just you that is working, or you have very few employees. There are so many different areas to think about - objectives, recruitment, sales, marketing, PR and, of course, your finances. Your finances are what make or break your business. If you don’t know how much you are spending, then you will be taken by surprise when your creditors come knocking. Here are some tips on how to keep track of your small business’s finances. Make Read more [...]

How to become a day trader

Day trading is a glamorous-sounding lifestyle – you make all of the decisions, you invest and take risks, and when it all pays off, it is because of you. However, there are plenty of stories of people making bad decisions and losing huge amounts of money as day traders. If you want to get into day trading, then there are a few things that you should learn. What is day trading? It’s not good enough to have a vague idea of what day trading is. Day trading is the buying and selling of financial Read more [...]

Meaningful Work: The Key to Satisfaction

Job satisfaction can be a difficult thing to attain. Many of us don’t have the luxury of being able to pick and choose the perfect job at will. We need to pay rent and bills, buy food and support families. We can’t wait till find the job our dreams, that we feel we can contribute to meaningfully, improving the world and ourselves. You have to take the jobs that are available, and if they leave you feeling alienated, demotivated and disappointed, well, you’re in good company. Today we’re Read more [...]

How business bosses manage multiple firms

To most people, the idea of running even one business seems like a source of stress, but for some plucky entrepreneurs, one isn’t enough – several have at least two active companies under their belts. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, for example, runs both Twitter and another firm – a payments company called Square. And he’s not the only one: plenty of businesspeople have fingers in more than one pie, and it’s definitely possible to do. Just how do they manage it, and what’s their secret? Read more [...]

Why trade forex instead of stocks?

If you are thinking of beginning to trade on the financial markets, then the two major players that most people start with are forex or stocks. For the newcomer to trading though, it may be unclear as to which is the best. Many investors now are choosing the forex market for the many advantages that it has over trading on the stock market. Forex v stocks – what is the difference? Before we look at why forex is often the better market to trade on, it is worth clarifying the difference Read more [...]