Five Reasons Why Companies Should Maintain a Blog

Blogging used to be a way for individuals to share thoughts and ideas with the world. However, the medium has experienced a resurgence over the past few years. Companies and executives are realizing the power of a blog for a number of different reasons. Social media, which blogs are big part of, is a hot commodity on the internet, and businesses that embrace the trend can quickly realize the benefits that are associated with the power of words. Sharing Thoughts and Ideas Companies that use a Read more [...]

Sage Solutions for Small Businesses

More than 800,000 businesses in the United Kingdom alone use Sage Accounting Software to help run their businesses smoothly. For over 30 years, Sage has been helping small and medium businesses alike improve the way they work. Sage Solutions can help businesses save time, which in turn allows them to concentrate on what really matters for their business, their customers and their staff. Regardless of the business using the software, whether it be a sole trader or established business, Sage Read more [...]

What A Business Needs, In Order To Flourish

So, your business is doing great? That’s wonderful. But do you really feel as though it has fully come into its own? There are some simple things you can implement to make your business flourish. Here are just some ideas to get you going. A Blog A blog can do so many things for your business, that it’s shocking if you don’t have one on your website. Not only can it drive traffic to your site (and potentially bring in conversions), but it can set you up as an industry expert; especially Read more [...]

Who Is Responsible for a Slip and Fall?

A slip and fall incident is an accident in which the person slips and falls on a liquid substance or an object. Such an incident can occur in a wide variety of places. The most common places that slip and fall incidents occur are department stores, restaurants and business offices. Thousands of people experience slip and fall incidents, and almost 1,000 people die from them each year. The ones who do not die sometimes have long-term injuries from which they suffer. Those people often wonder who is Read more [...]

Scottish Entrepreneurs Are Breaking New Ground In America

The recent rumblings of the independence movement in Scotland may have caught its other partners in the United Kingdom off guard, but many astute individuals in the world of commerce and business have long suspected that such things might ultimately come to pass. Even though the Scottish people have yet to declare their independence from the rest of the United Kingdom, they have already made an immortal name for themselves in the world of business in other countries, very much including the United Read more [...]

Hit the beauty industry –and make a profit

Business isn’t all about maddeningly expensive suits and swish entrepreneurial deals over caviar and cabernet sauvignon – lower down the food chain, on the high street, businesses are searching for the latest trends to entice the average Jo into parting with their cash. Indeed, this isn’t the rich getting richer, but the standard businessperson giving the public what they want. And at the moment, all roads to Eldorado point to the beauty industry. One of the few industries to remain unaffected Read more [...]

How to Expand Your Business’ Audience and Network

As a small business, it’s important to regularly build your network, both online and offline. From growing your mailing list and social media following to attending networking events, a large part of your success relies on your ability to connect with people. Follow these tips in order to grow your network of business contacts. 1. Always have a signup sheet ready. Whether it’s a paper sheet on your front desk or a virtual signup on your tablet, let people who are interested in what you do Read more [...]

How to Function as a Global Brand

Have you dreamt of getting into the world of international business? Unless you’re an expert like Dr. Shahram Shirkhani, you may not know where to start or what to expect. Here are a few must-read tips for running a global business and taking your company overseas. 1. Launch your business at home. Test out your ideas and start building relationships in your own geographic area. Once you’ve learned the ropes, you can expand. Since you have to start somewhere and you need a base from which to Read more [...]

Searching Domain Names

Buying and selling domain names has become one of the largest trends in the past decade, causing traditional .com website prices to skyrocket over time while they are in demand. However, when you are looking to search new domain names, consider preparing ahead of time and putting the right resources to use before placing your own bids or making a purchase outright. Consider the Website You Are Building Before you begin the hunt to find the very best domain on the market it is important to consider Read more [...]

How to Make a Budget

All kinds of people struggle to keep their finances in order each month, doing everything they can to make their money last until their next pay day while others seem to breeze through each month being able to afford expensive clothes and regular holidays. If only budgeting was the kind of thing that everyone could manage… oh wait.   Making a budget doesn’t have to mean that you cut all of the luxury items out of your life. We’ve all grown up accustomed to certain things depending on our Read more [...]