Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In 2016

Marketing is one of the best ways to promote your business which is why so many companies pay good money for a decent website, attend networking events up and down the country and suss out the benefits of leaflets, brochures and rollup banner printing.
The right marketing messages can attract new clients and increase turnover, but as not all organisations get things right first time – here are marketing mistakes to avoid in 2016.


  1. Disregarding your competitors

If you want to be successful in business, always keep a close eye on what your competitors are doing as this will allow you to respond in a clever and innovative way. If you run a sandwich shop for instance and the bakery down the road has just introduced a ‘free drink with every baguette offer,’ it would be wise for you to respond with a counter promotion, so your customers don’t go elsewhere. Creating your own sort of meal deal could be one idea and you could even introduce and subsequently market a money-off loyalty card.

Moreover, looking at how similar businesses to yours are branded will help you to create and develop a brand identity that’s strong, quirky, eye-catching and completely different to what anyone’s seen before. If the chippy down the road has a blue and white sign, for instance, you should probably steer clear of these two colours as they’re too similar and could firstly annoy your competition and secondly confuse customers. Instead, opt for colour combinations that will stand out to passers-by and can’t be found anywhere else locally.

  1. Repeating the same old mistakes

Well-executed marketing campaigns can take companies to new heights, but they must be planned and monitored carefully to ensure they generate revenue and are not detrimental to the business in any way. While some marketing strategies work like a dream, others crash and burn so learn from any mistakes made and find out exactly what went wrong to avoid making the same errors in the future. Simply repeating the same old half-hearted and unfruitful marketing attempts year after year will drain your finances and (even if you do run a campaign which does surprisingly well), you should still review it for the year ahead to sure it’s still appropriate.

  1. Sending out mixed messages

No matter what you do to earn a living, you must make sure your contact details and branding is consistent across all marketing materials. Having one phone number on your website and another on your business cards will not only look unprofessional but it could also confuse customers, causing your company to lose money in the process. Similarly, using one strapline on your banners and another on your brochures may also be baffling to those who simply want to know what you’re about at a glance. Thinking of a re-brand? Then roll out all new marketing materials at the same time and avoid using old stationary or anything with different colour schemes, wording and fonts.

Marketing is an important part of business, but it must be done properly so be sure to avoid the above errors.

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