Makita DBO180Z Orbit Sander: modern and portable

In the world of modern technology, there is a large assortment of mechanical and electrical tools. Their main task is to speed up the work process and at the same time reduce the workload. During repair and construction work, an irreplaceable assistant is a high-quality and proven powerful tool. Makita DBO180Z is a modern portable tool with high maneuverability and performance, designed to create a smooth surface by sanding or polishing.

The optimal vibration amplitude and the ability to adjust the speed allow you to achieve high-quality and accurate results with high productivity. There are three-speed modes for the user to choose from – coarse sanding, finishing sanding, and polishing. Changing the speed is carried out through an electronic board with buttons. This model, presented on the UK Planet Tools website, is successfully used by furniture manufacturers, carpenters, paint shop specialists, and home improvement enthusiasts.

Distinctive Features of the Makita DBO180Z 

All Makita sanders presented on the website are constantly improved. The main focus of the manufacturer is on functionality, usability, portability, and lightweight. Ergonomic handles are made with non-slip rubber inserts, which makes them comfortable to use. In addition, Makita sanding machines have many advantages:

  • The center of gravity is shifted down (increases stability and productivity);
  • Adjustment of the speed and position of the dust collector;
  • Easy change of sanding materials;
  • Low vibration does not cause fatigue too fast. The Makita DBO180Z 18V Orbit Sander allows you to work for a long time, while low vibration does not affect the quality of processing.

The use of Makita products has been tested for years of operation. The Makita sander has a long service life and is equipped with a universal battery.

 If you are looking for proven power tools at an affordable price, welcome to UK Planet Tools. There you can find high-quality building supplies, tools, and fixings from the best manufacturers.

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