Make it stick | Why branding is important for your business

For many people who have small businesses, they make the all too common mistake of overlooking their branding. Why? Many businesses, when they are smaller, think of themselves as a business – and not as a brand. But – the truth is that every business is actually a brand as well, even if the business isn’t as big as Nike (yet).


Small businesses often just stick to a logo and some business cards and leave the rest up to chance but the truth is that branding is so important. It works to develop a strong employee culture, it creates momentum within your business, and it makes acquiring new customers that much easier.

On behalf of
Servcorp Bangkok we wanted to bring you some of the top five reasons why branding is so important to your business.


When a company has a clear brand and works hard to present itself in a professional and clear way – it translates over to the customers very easily. When every single person who works with a business embodies the business’ ethos, it creates a level of trust that other companies without strong branding just don’t have. What does this mean? It means that for a coffee shop like Starbucks, every single employee operates to Starbucks’ ethos. As a result they’re an instantly recognisable coffee chain. Compare this to a local cafe – where often the staff are barely cohesive enough to remember an order, let alone uphold the values of the business.

When a customer trusts a brand guess what happens? They feel more comfortable giving that brand their money.


While a logo is a design choice, it shouldn’t be the end of your branding efforts. You need to spend a lot of time coming up with your tone of voice, your ethos, and how you present yourself to the public. Your branding needs to be the thing that the public remember about you when the recall an interaction.

Good brand = good marketing

Speaking to your customers through the power of marketing is an all important part of building your business. Often, the mediums and channels you chose help to build your brand as you are indirectly choosing the people who read or engage with those channels. You can’t have too narrow of a marketing effort – otherwise you’ll get boxed in and might not be able to reach new markets. But – you don’t want to be too broad either. A strong brand can help to define where you speak.

More motivated employees

Having a strong team is a care part of a successful business. A strong brand attracts good staff that are inspired to be part of your vision.

Branding garners emotion

When you want to be really effective in your advertising you need to have really strong branding. Why? When your brand is strong it gives you a greater ability to speak to people through your advertising and ensures that you are on track with what you want to say. The worst thing you can do is risk diluted messaging in your advertising – especially when you’re paying a lot of money for your message.

These are just a couple of the many reasons why having a strong brand is so important for your business. You really want to make sure that your brand is the thing that speaks to the truth of what your company does, and that it stands out in the crowd. Having a memorable brand is vital for your business, so be sure to make developing a strong brand a key part of your strategy. With Servcorp behind you your business is sure to grow just as you want it to.

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