Key Terms and Considerations You Should Know when Buying a Deep Fryer for Your Business

Deep fryers can certainly add another level of production to your business, whether you’re running a food truck, a bistro or restaurant, a stand, or more. If you are increasingly doing a lot of deep frying for your menu, it may be time to buy a commercial deep fryer, which can definitely save you a lot of time and effort and make your customers satisfied. But how do you choose the best commercial deep fryer, and what are the key considerations?

In your quest for the perfect commercial deep fryer, you may encounter a number of different terms which you aren’t entirely familiar with. It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with these terms so you will know what an expert is talking about and you can also choose more carefully.

Key terms and considerations

  • The capacity

The very first key term and consideration you will probably be introduced to is the capacity of the commercial deep fryer. The tank capacity refers to the amount of oil the commercial deep fryer can accommodate or handle. For instance, a 40-pound commercial deep fryer would be able to hold as much as 40 pounds’ worth of oil. But it’s also worth noting that manufacturers will have unit ratings based on the number of pounds of food (say, fries) that a unit is able to produce in an hour. In this case, for example, a good fryer can produce a volume twice the oil weight it can accommodate, which means that if a fryer is 40 pounds, it can produce as much as 80 pounds of fries in an hour, with the best conditions.

By considering the capacity of the commercial deep fryer, you can more easily determine if the unit is ideal for your requirements when it comes to business volume – or if you don’t need a fryer with so much capacity, thus saving you money.

  • The temperature range or control

The right temperature is recommended for any commercial deep fryer, because if the temperature is not high enough, the product will not be crisp, and it is more likely to absorb too much oil. On the other hand, if the temperature in the fryer is too high, the oil is likely to burn, and the taste of the food product will be ruined. It’s important for you to be able to control the temperature to your liking.

  • The frying area and drainboard

The frying area, as its name implies, is the total area or space where you can do your frying, and this is measured by length and width. The drainboard is the place where you can place trays or baskets of the product which is newly fried, and it is often installed at an angle which allows the oil to slowly pour back to the tank.


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