Jason Proch – Getting The Cheapest Flights For Business Travel

I have been in business with my partner Jason Proch for over 5 years now and we are slowly but surely seeing some signs of success. As any business owner will know, the first few years can be very difficult and one must look after every penny in the company. Unfortunately for myself and my partner, those first few years required a lot of traveling between America and the UK, which as you can imagine meant lots of flights from our base New York. In order to keep these costs to a minimum we had to find the way to get the very cheapest flights, and here is how we did it.


Credit Cards


I cannot stress enough the importance of utilizing credit cards when it comes to air travel. There are a huge amount of companies that offer credit cards with rewards that will save you money on your flights as you amass points. What we would do is to use this credit card rather than cash for anything that we bought for the business, and this way we would ensure that we could rack up thousands of points. Once we had saved up points we could use them on discounted air travel with companies like American Airlines and Delta, and this saved us thousands of dollars over the years.




If you are looking to trim the cost of your travel then you should always consider the option of connecting flights. A lot of these flights come in far cheaper than a direct flight and the truth is that switching planes or hanging on a bit in another airport is really no problem at all. Just last year I managed to get a flight from New York to Heathrow via Amsterdam for $285 with a total travel time of 14 hours. The direct flight between New York and London would have cost $600 and the total travel time was 9 hours. In short, I was able to save over $300 simply by adding 5 hours on to my journey. If you plan your connections well then there is no reason why you cannot use the stop off to get some work done, before heading on to your destination.


Just 2 Sites


When searching for the cheapest flights there are only 2 websites that I would use and these are Skyscanner and Momondo. These websites are called flight aggregators and what they basically do is trawl the whole of the internet to find the very cheapest flight prices. These prices could come from the airline directly or from a 3rd party website, depending on who is offering the greatest rates. Don’t bother speaking to travel agents or anything like that, simply check out these two pages and you will find the cheapest flights out there, in my experience their prices have never been beaten.


Don’t pay more than you need to, follow these tips and you can save money on your business or personal travel.

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