Innovative Ways to Promote your Business

No matter which field you work in, there will always be days when work is quiet. It might be a good thing to take advantage of those slow periods to not only do a run down, but to also market your business the best you can. It does not matter if you are a freelancer or an established business, marketing is equally important for any type of businesses- it is how people discover you! But with such fierce competition, what can you do to make your business the jewel in the crown? Here are some ideas which can give your company a boost!


  • Local Newspapers– Have press releases about anything noteworthy happening in your business. If you are not sure how to write one, you can always contact a journalist and see if they are interested in running it. This will make your business known to the locals, which is a good first step.
  • Discounts– At various times of the year, discounts are popular! Follow the trend by offering your services or products at discounted prices. Indeed, people always love bargain and this is your chance to make them love you! For instance, Booty Bingo proposes free bingo games to its players all throughout the year, and the players love it! Plus, Booty Bingo also updates its promotions all year long to keep players interested and it works!
  • Newsletters– If you have the permission to contact your existing customers, you can publish a regular e-newsletters to keep them updated. Let your clients know what you are doing new, and update them about the latest products and services, to show them that you are still the best.
  • Blogs– SEO-wise, blogs are a great opening to expand your digital marketing strategy by making use of long-tail keywords. It is a way of showing your expertise while building trust with your customers as well. The best way to make both Google and your visitors love your blog is by keeping it updated.
  • Business Cards- Your business cards should always be in your pocket, as you never know who you might meet on the way. Make sure that your business cards are made of all relevant information like your social media accounts and website address.
  • Customer Relationship– Never be afraid to ask feedbacks from your existing clients. You can do surveys to get to know why they chose you in the first place. You can also ask them what you can do to improve your services, to make them more satisfied. By doing so, you are showing them that you care.
  • Interactive Website– People who visit your websites would want some interaction. So, it would be wise to create something which is both helpful and appealing to your audience. For instance, you can have a live chat section, so that the clients get immediate help.
  • Forums– Whichever field you work in, there are many forums which you could join; this will be a step ahead as most people love finding answers in forums. Be the most helpful possible and this will attract more clients. But, make sure to add your website, details and company‚Äôs slogan as the signature.

Spare few hours each month to apply these strategies, and success will come your way!

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