If You Are a Pipe Welder, Now is the Time to Start Your Own Business

There is an assortment of types of professional welders with one currently in great demand. There are projects looking for welders; trained and skilled in the welding of pipes.




Pipe Welding in Business

Currently there are plenty of projects for pipe welders and companies who are focused on this part of the welding business. There are not enough pipe welders to keep up with the business demand. Only about 5% of all welders are pipe welders because it’s very hard to do. Every joint has to pass inspection by x-ray and the standard is only a 2 percent failure rate. That means that for every joint a pipe welder does – there can only be 2 misses out of every 100 joints inspected. If you can meet that standard; there is currently a lot of money to be made.



When you have your certification, you will need to get on–the-job-training by becoming a pipe welder’s apprentice. This will give you the skills you will need to go further in this profession. You can look for welders who are willing to take on apprentices almost anywhere that there are major projects being done.


Current Projects in Texas

There are major projects currently looking for pipe welders in many areas of the United States. Currently the United States has an estimated 5 times the reserves of oil in the ground than Saudi Arabian has and only now has the technology to get it out of the ground. Some of these reserves are located in Texas so major projects are being developed in the western part of Texas. Texas is ripe for starting a business in pipe welding.


Alaska Slopes

Alaska Gas Pipeline project is a plan to transport natural gas from fields located on Alaska’s North Slope to Alberta, Canada. Gas reaching Alberta will be transported to the US through an existing pipeline network. Welding tests are a key element of the project’s materials testing program. You could start out on your own or start up a business with really good pipe welders and bid for jobs working in several areas of Alaska. Natural gas pipelines were among the highest-paying employers, at an average of $59,620 per year. Alaska was the highest-paying state, at an average of $67,980.



This new pipeline will be built to transport gas from Alberta to the Midwest, terminating near Chicago. TransCanada is working with ConocoPhillips, BP and ExxonMobil on the pipeline project, which is expected to cost $45 billion to $65 billion to construct overall if it is built. So this is an area where pipe welders may be needed soon. You could start a business in this area also.



Author Bio

Bob Stevenson is a business blogger and professor, teaching welding after working for years on the Alaska pipeline project. He became a best-selling author after having written several books about his adventures working of pipeling welding in Alaska.

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