How turning to the internet can solve your procurement headache

We all know that sinking feeling when a business case or procurement request comes across our desk – after the first thought of ‘how much is this going to cost me’ quickly comes the second thought process; ‘how on Earth are we going to find this?’


This is where the internet can be your key ally. Why waste time with proposals, pitch meetings and endless PowerPoint presentations when you can streamline the entire process from start to, well, the start of your project.


Making the most of cloud based technology

As technology and business are moving increasingly into the cloud, the benefits of using internet-based options for your business are clear. Not only does the internet give you instant access to a global market but can also save you time and money. Effectively outsourcing your procurement or buying division to an e-platform means that you can streamline your workflow, your workforce and your productivity when it comes to finding the right supplier for your needs.


In a similar vein to the accounting software providers that have occupied an online space for some time (Quickbooks for example, or Sage), many of the e-sourcing platforms provide a fully managed service to assist in your procurement needs. That means you don’t just post a listing on a website and then spend days sifting through bids and proposals. You give your needs and parameters and the suppliers come to you with their bids. With reverse bidding, you can ensure you are seeing the best of the market offers and with many platforms also providing intuitive insight and management portals, you can switch your entire operation online and manage all of your contracts, risk and compliance in one globally accessible place.


Manage your project management

Many e-sourcing platforms also offer project management tools. Particularly on a large project, it’s very easy to lose sight of who is doing what, when and how and, crucially, how much it’s going to cost you! By utilising an integrated project management tool alongside your procurement process and contract management, you can quickly and clearly see an overview of your projects in real time and use integrated workflows, templates and tracking with notifications to help you manage your project and essential procurement within that. By utilising the contracting tool, you can also ensure that your risk and compliance profile is managed effectively, safeguarding you and your business against any eventuality.


A leading provider in the online sourcing industry is Scanmarket. Providing strategic sourcing solutions, can handle the whole process for you, their proven esourcing platform is currently used in over 50 countries by some 300 business customers. Providing innovative yet user-friendly software, Scanmarket can handle your procurement from proposal to contracting. They have a range of options to best suit your requirements including reverse auctions, where the lowest bidder wins. With so much more to offer and hundreds of suppliers registered to use their services too, Scanmarket provides one of the best all-round web-based services for esourcing on any scale. Why not give them a try for your next procurement task –

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