How to Measure your Advertisement Success on Advertorials

Advertisements on advertorials on high ranking websites can at times be difficult to analyze.

However, placing your ads on sites that have earned positive reputation for years, not only saves you time, but money as well. The only downside you can cause your business is displaying ineffective ads.

In Philadelphia for instance, there are a number of sites that offer ad space services for body rubs business. That’s not what matters most, but getting deals from quality sites that convert your ads easily and give you value for your money. On the other side, there are simple tricks you can measure your body rubs success and learn to maximize profit to a particular level.

  • Use Google Analytics

Google analytics is a great resource to track where your body rubs traffic comes from, especially in Philadelphia. You can see their sources, the actions that they’ve taken, and also the posts that are most interesting to them. This gives you an opportunity to see the areas that need editing and the best places to post your content. Sometimes readers fail to convert into customers due to lack of proper content on your website.

Using this tool not only helps you learn how you can improve your massage or body rubs website performance, it also enables you to rank on Search Engines and leverage organic traffic. This is the ultimate method to measure and maximize your reach for non-paid traffic.

  • WordPress Plugins

There are also some WordPress plugins that are designed to help you track visitors’ bounce rates, sources, and also guide you on the main queries that readers key on search engines. Some of the common tools include Jetpack, which is ideal for bloggers and woo-commerce store owners, Yoast SEO, Contact forms and WordPress analysis by HubSpot, and also the new Google Analytics for WordPress.

These tools can help you achieve similar goals to other analytic tools. However, they cannot target the desire audience, but instead, they help you find your prospects and help you design the perfect plan to capture and captivate them.

  • Check on-site Responses

Unlike other types of Ads, Website Ads are designed to inform and captivate the audience into visiting your website. They are the long term goals for your website to keep traffic coming for years to come. In marketing terms, they speak are designed for the top of the funnel.

While this is the case, the advertorials should result in some major contributions on your website when done correctly. They should result in comments, shares, leads into your email list, and also referrals. If the advertorials yield these for your website, then they should be performing correctly. However, you need to be careful about false traffic data and spam comments. To prevent this, ensure that readers are logged in before commenting and set WordPress stats settings to remember your browser.


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