How to Improve Your Leadership Skills

Being a great leader is not something that comes naturally to everyone, in fact very few people possess the natural ability to lead and the rest of us have to work hard on our skills to be a leader. Fortunately, most of the skills required to be a strong leader can be learned and practiced until it is right and if you want to be a great leader then now is the time to start working on improving your leadership abilities.


There are many benefits to being a great leader, both professionally and personally, in business, great leadership skills can take you to the top of your industry, you could even become a CEO like Patrick Imbardelli if you work hard enough. If you feel like you need to brush up on your leadership skills then here are some ways in which you can do it.

Self Evaluate

The key to working out where your weaknesses lie and where you need to improve as a leader, it is important that you run a self evaluation, a sort of ‘looking in the mirror’ type of test that can help you identify your areas that need to be strengthened. Ask yourself the following questions and answer them honestly, if the answers are not what you would expect from a leader then that is how you’ll know where you need to get better.

Do You Learn From Others?

Even though you may be in a leadership position, you should never stop learning from others, never think that you cannot improve on the way in which you lead. Seek out other leaders and watch how they approach leadership, there are always skills that others display that you can learn from and this is a great way to help you to improve.

Are You a Positive Role Model?

As a leader, people will look to you for many things, one of the things that they look for in a leader is positivity, a can-do attitude that will inspire those who you are leading. If you allow negativity to creep into what you are doing then that will cascade down through those beneath you, this will neither inspire nor encourage those that are looking to you for leadership.

How do You Give Feedback?

A simple rule of thumb to follow when giving feedback is to be fast when giving praise and slow when giving criticism. Giving praise when it is due encourages people and helps them to stay focussed and giving constructive and criticism is not about scolding people when they have done something wrong, it is about working with them to learn from their mistakes and be better.

How Good are Your Communication Skills?

One of the keys to great leadership is communication, being able to both give it in a clear and concise manner and being able receive it through careful listening. If you wish to be a successful leader then those beneath you need to be fully aware of what your intentions are and the only way you can do that without problems is through crystal clear communication.

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