How to get into Wharton

In a country that is obsessed with financial success, there are few post-secondary institutions that are celebrated as Wharton.

Situated on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania, those that attend this Ivy League school will be receiving one of the best business educations that an ambitious individual could ever hope to receive.


If you want to join the likes of Marc Leder, Elon Musk and Warren Buffett, read up on their admission criteria below. One thing though: be prepared to alter your daily routine in a profound manner if you desire to take your place among the business giants that have passed through the halls of this prestigious school in years past.

1) Your GPA must be above 3.7

The first hurdle to jump when applying to Wharton is having a grade point average that is high enough. You must keep your grades up to have a chance of even being considered for admission. As such, anyone that has an average below A- will have their applications finding the round file upon being received by their admission officers.

Be diligent about studying every single night, complete all assignments, and prepare for exams with the knowledge that mailing it in even once could cost you your chance of getting into one of the most exclusive business schools in America.

2) An SAT score above 2200, and an ACT score above 22

Many students loathe standardized testing, but for many elite post-secondary institutions, these tests are great for separating academically gifted students from those that are average. Bite the bullet and invest in a study kit that will prepare you specifically for these examinations.

3) One year of calculus courses

Math is an essential subject to master for those to wish to truly understand the worlds of finance and big business. Appropriately, Wharton requires you to have at least one year’s worth of calculus courses on your transcript.

This subject may be among the more difficult types of mathematics to understand, but those wanting to get a six figure job working in finance will need it to understand how to profitably invest in options and derivatives.

4) Compelling references from prominent individuals

This part of the acceptance process is the most intimidating of all. Many students will simply throw up their hands and assume that because they don’t have connections with a multi-millionaire, there is no point to applying.

However, it is only important that someone with a relevant interest in business or in a leadership position write you a reference that will demonstrate why you deserve to be accepted into such a prestigious program.

5) A demonstrated interest in extracurricular activities

Being accepted to Wharton isn’t solely about having top-notch grades and well-written references. You also have to show the admissions officers that you lead a well-balanced life outside of the classroom.

If you have written for the school newspaper, played intramural varsity sports, held key leadership positions within your fraternity or sorority, and so forth, you will have a compelling story to tell when you sit down to write your admissions essay.

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