How to Effectively Deliver Your Message Through An Internal Event

Internal events are important for many reasons, from launching a product to delivering a key company message, strengthening the brand to strengthening the team. While clients may not be invited, the internal event should be handled with as much care as a client event in terms of audio visual, d├ęcor, and staging. Attendees will then understand how the company values its business and its employees. Here are some ideas to think about when you are planning an internal event.

Be Clear About Your Message

You may have many different issues you want to highlight or reasons for hosting an internal event but it is best to be specific and targeted over what you want to say. This provides a much stronger overall effect that means the message is much more direct and relevant.

Present the Event Clearly From Start to Finish

It is important to create the right impression and strengthen the message even before people have begun to take their seats for the event. The first contact you have with attendees is important for building anticipation about the event and also creating an event that is consistent with branding and the standards of the company. The end of the event should also be utilised for best effect by giving attendees valuable takeaways that they will then use in their working roles.

Consider Professional Help

If the event is very small, and you have the staff and the capabilities in-house to handle it, it is unlikely you will need an event project manager. But even medium-sized events can be difficult to stage if you do not have the right experience. Internal events are no exception. You will need to rent AV equipment, and it makes sense to also take advantage of professional project management assistance in order to make sure your equipment adds to the value of the event. Companies like offer a full project management package that enables you to get the most out of your internal event.

Measure Outcomes from Your Internal Event

It is just as important to measure the outcomes of your internal event as it is to look at the outcome of an external event. You need systems in place to see if the message has been delivered, and how well. Determine upfront what you want to accomplish with the event, including the practicalities of the presentation as well as the organizational goals such as the number of enquiries generated, or the number of people trying a new piece of technology. Using the skills of professionals will help you measure outcomes from use of technology and see how successful your presentation has been.

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