How to create a strong workforce

Creating a strong and engaged workforce is vital for any business to succeed. This can be an issue in the UK though with employee engagement and retention being low. Recent studies have shown that only one in three UK workers report being happy or fully engaged in their work. Of course, this presents a big challenge for any business owners or team leaders.

Just how do you create a workforce that is strong, happy and there to stay?

Build with your workforce in mind

There are a few very effective ways to make sure that your staff are committed to the business. It really is vital to make any efforts as inclusive as possible though as everyone needs to be on board for it to work. The below are some great tips on creating a stronger workforce:

  • Keep them healthy – this may not be the first thing you think of, but employees really appreciate it when you actually care about their health. From carrying out regular DSE assessments on their desk space to making sure that they feel okay, this is a great way to strengthen your workforce both physically and emotionally. One way that many employers also achieve this now is with drug and alcohol testing in the workplace. By taking samples and sending them to a drug testing lab, you can identify anyone with a problem to help.


  • Let everyone speak – when creating a stronger workforce, it is vital that everyone feels they have a voice. Creating opportunities where all staff can express opinions, bring up things they are not happy with, or suggest new business ideas is critical. This will create a culture in your workplace where everyone feels valued and committed to the company.


  • Show appreciation – another key factor in engaging your workers and hanging on to them is showing them that they are appreciated. This could be something as simple as taking the time to personally thank someone for working late or doing an excellent job. It is the little things like this that add up to a stronger roster of staff in the long term.


  • Treat them fairly – nothing will annoy staff more and actually weaken your business than treating them unfairly. Having different rules for different people or suddenly cancelling that annual bonus for no good reason are real recipes for disaster. Instead, make sure that you treat them fairly and with respect at all times.


  • Foster social connections – it is obvious that you don’t want people chatting rather than working, but you do need that social side in your operation. Social connections at work actually help your business as they foster collaboration and teamwork, which is vital. Make sure that staff have the chance to interact within their daily roles and that there are social events outside of work to get to know one another.


Creating a strong workforce is not hard

 As the above shows, creating a happy workforce that is productive and loyal is not hard. By keeping them in good health and treating them correctly, you will soon be well on the way to doing so. This becomes especially key when staff are experienced as these are the people who you need to hang on to for future business success.

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