How to Add Captions to Photos with Movavi Photo Editor

If you want to take a photo and turn it into a poster, e-card or something similar there’s one thing that you need to be able to do: Add captions. Placing words into your photos will let you add context, but at the same time if you want it to have the desired effect you’ll need to make sure the text that you add looks good.

That is why you should try using Movavi Photo Editor to add captions to your photos. Not only will it let you add the text that you want, but it will then allow you to fully control every aspect of its appearance so that it looks perfect.


Learning how to add captions to photos with Movavi Photo Editor is really very straightforward, and you can launch the edit and click ‘Browse for Images’ if you want to give it a try. Once you select the photo you want to add captions to it will open up in the editor, or you can drag and drop the file into the main working area to add it as well.


To start adding text to your photo, open the ‘Text’ panel in the upper part of Movavi Photo Editor’s interface then click on the ‘Add Text’ button. A frame of broken white lines will appear on your photo and you can type in the text that you want within it and resize or reposition the frame as required.


All the options that you need to control the appearance of your captions are in the ‘Text’ panel itself as well. In particular you can open up the ‘Text’ subtab to adjust the font size, color, justification and other aspects of the text’s appearance, and the ‘Background’ subtab will let you adjust the background of the frame, its outline’s width, color, and more.


In order to make your captions stand out, you should click on the ‘Add Decorations’ option right next to the ‘Add Text’ button. Once you do you’ll see that Movavi Photo Editor has numerous types of ‘stickers’ that you can add to make your text look more unique.


If and when you’re satisfied with the captions you’ve added, click ‘Save’ to save the photo. Before that however, be sure to explore Movavi Photo Editor’s features if you’d like to enhance the quality of your photos, remove unwanted elements, apply filters, or improve it in any other way.


Considering how easy it is to add captions and control their appearance with Movavi Photo Editor, you should be able to create any sort of poster or e-card that you like. More importantly you’ll be able to design it so that it really stands out, and captures the attention of viewers.

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