How Arnon Door Helped Me To Get Started in Business

Today I want to talk to you a little about how successful men and women in business can use their power for good and help out some of the new and younger entrepreneurs and business people that are coming through the ranks. To explain this fully I want to talk about my experience with the wonderful Arnon Dror. Arnon has lead a glittering career in business and management, gaining the title of VP in finance and operations for global giant Xerox and someone who through his hard work and high level professionalism, has created a great number of successful businesses. I used to work for Arnon many years ago in Portland, Oregon and when I left to start my own business, he was instrumental in helping me to make it a success, and here is how.


Sharing Business


I shod make it clear that Arnon also benefitted from my business being successful because he was an investor in it, nonetheless there was no responsibility on his part to help me as much as he did. During those early years Arnon would regularly share his contacts with me and at times he was essentially trafficking business from one of his clients over to me.




The best thing that I got from Arnon was the high level advice that he was often able to give me about the world of business. In fact those late night business chats that we would have after watching the Patriots games were tally important and really shaped the way that I view the business world. I was very lucky to have a mentor who I could bounce ideas off and who I could go to for help with any business challenges that I was facing.


Sharing Resources


Potentially the second most important aspect of Arnon’s help and advice was that using the early days he shared a great many resources with me from office space to stationary, and even once loaned me his incredible secretary for the day! Every young business needs this level of support in order to get a foot up on the ladder and to have the best possible chance of success. The number of businesses that fail is staggering and perhaps if some of those people had the help that I was lucky enough to have, the world of business would be thriving far more than it currently is.


Put in Touch


Arnon was able to put me in touch with some of the best business minds here in Portland, Oregon by inviting me to business functions and meals where I could network. It is important to remember that I made these contacts on my own, but I had someone to open the door for me and that is what having a mentor is about, not doing things for you but rather putting you in a position to do things for yourself.

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