Hit the beauty industry –and make a profit

Business isn’t all about maddeningly expensive suits and swish entrepreneurial deals over caviar and cabernet sauvignon – lower down the food chain, on the high street, businesses are searching for the latest trends to entice the average Jo into parting with their cash.


Indeed, this isn’t the rich getting richer, but the standard businessperson giving the public what they want.

And at the moment, all roads to Eldorado point to the beauty industry. One of the few industries to remain unaffected by 2008’s economic crash, the beauty game is set to hit a global value of $265 billion by 2017.

If that sounds like a slice of cake you want a bite from, you’ll have to do more than install the basics and hope for the best. In such a hugely competitive field, you’ll have to find your edge over competition and pursue it like the holy grail.

So, what can you offer that others can’t?

Get in the Botox game

A-list stars have been doing it for decades, and they’ve drummed up plenty of interest – it’s Botox, and it’s making waves in beauty salons up and down the country.

While it might sound like a complicated process, Botox is actually a simple injection. But you’ll still need proper training to administer the correct amount and create a safe environment.

Top-notch Botox courses are easy to track down online, and will give you all you need to know about the chemical process.

With a thorough knowledge of Botox, you’ll be a cut above most other beauty parlours on the high street.

Know your niche

Are you appealing to young and trendy hipsters or hair-dyed grannies searching for a cuppa and a manicure? Don’t know? Then your business is already in trouble.

Every entrepreneurial venture should know exactly who it’s courting, and present the right face to its audience.

This branding exercise should start from the ground up, form the sign outside your door to the style of music you’ll play through the speakers.

Your brand is what will establish your business – so make it count.

Stay with the times, Grandad

The times they are a changin’ as Bob Dylan once sang – and he wasn’t wrong.

Beauty is a lot like fashion – it changes quicker than a weathercock in a windstorm. To stay ahead of the game, you’ll have to put your research cap on.

Read all the latest fashion magazines, blogs and mainstream sites to gain a few tips and hints. And try to find styles and beauty products that with a good shelf life. That way you’ll have all bases covered.

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