Google AdWords blunders that can cost you in the long run – Start avoiding them

Digital marketers are aware of the fact that utilizing Google AdWords is an outstanding way of driving traffic to your sites. If not handled in a proper manner, it can be expensive as the trick is to regulate campaigns in order to receive the highest ROI. A poorly managed Google AdWords campaign will cost you way more than what it can bring in but a well-managed campaign can maintain and keep up the reputation of your company or store. The results that you earn depends on how much you know about AdWords and how wisely you can manage your campaigns. Let’s take a look at some of the most common AdWords blunders committed by most advertisers. Avoid them to be on your way to a successful AdWords campaign.

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Blunder #1: Grouping keywords incorrectly

AdWords has been introduced so that you may create ad campaign groups to tackle different sorts of campaigns. For example, if you have a content campaign and a product campaign, both can be tackled separately. With each campaign, you can break down your keywords and ads into various ad groups. Not using ad groups is one of the biggest blunders advertisers make. Instead of isolating their ads into different groups based on similar types of keywords, they include all their keywords into a single ad group and show the same ad to everyone. Remember that the closer the ad copy is with its keyword matches; people are more likely to click on that ad.

Blunder #2: Simply sitting on accounts

The next mistake pointed out by experts is that people just sit on their accounts without doing any work. Statistics reveal that less than 1% of the AdWords accounts get worked even once in a week. The saddest part is that it is not only the confused small business owners who don’t do much with their AdWords accounts; even the expert PPC account managers struggle to find out time for account work when they’re managing multiple clients. Hence, as per experts, the solution lies in adopting a workflow where you can properly figure out your needs and plan every step ahead of time.

Blunder #3: Not utilizing negative keywords

Yet another blunder committed by people is not using negative keywords. AdWords allow you to use such negative keywords which aren’t a good enough match for your service or product. For instance if you’re an owner of an e-commerce store where you sell designer shoes for women and not running shoes, would you want your ads to show up on searches for ‘running shoes for women’? Definitely not! This is when you should add a negative keyword ‘running’ so that your ads are not shown for any searches related to running shoes for women but rather shown for designer shoes for women.

AdWords management is a prerequisite when you want your ads to show up for all the right searches. Try to avoid the above mentioned blunders so that you don’t end up ruining your ad campaigns.

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