God’s Warrior Against All Kinds of Poverty

John Binkley Dallas, the founder of lower-middle market mergers and acquisitions company Generational Equity, actually prefers to be knows as a man of God whose mission is to spread Jesus’ Word to all the corners of the world. He has affirmed, “People should understand that poverty doesn’t just mean lack of finances. There is such a thing as spiritual and systemic poverty. And everyone without God is poor. Through serving Him and helping others overcome their spiritual thirst, people can overcome this emptiness.” Indeed, one could argue that while material wealth and physical comfort are easier to attain, it is actually spiritual enlightenment that would provide the biggest relief and personal satisfaction. This belief has led John Binkley Dallas to travel around the world to start churches, dig local water wells and educate vulnerable populations about HIV/AIDS in many of the world’s poverty-stricken countries.

John Binkley Dallas’ Early Influencers

Though he is now a resident of Dallas, Texas, John Binkley Dallas was actually born in Live Oak, Florida. He attended and graduated from Edwin L. Cox School of Business at the Southern Methodist University. Later John Binkley Dallas decided to deepen his religious understanding, so he continued on studying and received his PhD from the Phoenix University of Theology in 2000. Today John Binkley Dallas is the university’s chancellor. John Binkley Dallas also founded Generational Equity, a firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions. Over many years, his Generational Equity has grown in size and stature, but John Binkley Dallas has always felt that it is better to share not just his business skill, but also his love and faith in the Word of God. Throughout his life, John Binkley Dallas has always been aware of God’s grace and instructions, which have guided him to spread the Word of God to more than sixty countries in over two decades.

John Binkley Dallas’ Mission

Listening to John Binkley Dallas explaining his life mission, he insists that the many missionary projects that he has done and is still doing have nothing to do with himself. He often warns others not to let personal ego get in the way. John Binkley Dallas always reminds those who want to do missionary to not see themselves as heroes. Instead, they should see themselves as long-term partners of development. A missionary often does not stay in one place for too long, for he frequently has other projects in the pipeline. Thus, it is imperative to train the local people to be independent so that they would be able to help themselves and solve whatever problems that would arise without your instruction. In order to achieve all this, John Binkley Dallas also believes it is essential to ask questions and listen to the locals’ voices. Understanding local customs and cultures ensures that one gains the locals’ trust, so that both sides would be able to receive each other with humble hearts. Indeed, one always needs to keep in mind that helping others requires two constant reminders: serving God as well as those who are less fortunate.

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