GME Supply Safety Gear For Complete Work Safety

The profession of the construction worker comes with a lot of risks and hassles. It is not easy and it is products like GME Supply Safety Gear that makes one feel safe and secure. The risks involved in climbing high-rises or even getting to the 90th floor means that you are definitely hanging by the rope, but when the rope is made by GME Supply Safety Gear, the fears involved are diminished.

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The GME Supply Safety Gear and ropes are made with high performance materials, which eliminate such risks. These ropes are manufactured and customized to meet the industry specific demands and also be in adhere with the current rules and rescue applications. The GME Supply Safety Gear is designed for excellent performance and comes with a series of benefits like double safety and adjustments. The ropes work at precarious places and you can reach heights without worrying about fear.

It is true that insurance is there to take care of life loss, but does that really justify compromising on the quality of products you choose? GME Supply Safety Gear ensures the complete safety of the workers, while keeping in mind their comfort needs too. You can be assured that when using the GME Supply Safety Gear like ropes, your employees will be absolutely confident and give their 100% to work, rather than worrying about safety.

The GME Supply Safety Gear ropes and other gear has been made using extensive knowledge and expertise so that one can get on a strong and stable safety line. The GME Supply Safety Gear are low on stretch, which means better adjustability. Also, superiority of the quality means that it requires less of replacement. The ropes and the GME Supply Safety Gear are inspected using laser technology and also via trained experts and associates. Commitment to quality is one of the major features of the rope systems made by GME Supply Safety Gear.

For instance, products like the 1/2″ Composite Double Braid Pulling Rope by GME Supply Safety Gear have been manufactured using polyester double braided pulling ropes that ensure complete safety. It has a factory spliced pulling eyes available at both the ends. Not only is cost effective, you get minimum stretch and along benefits like-

·         1. High tensity

·          2. 9500 lbs MBS

The products are made in the U.S and thus in adherence with the highest quality norms. Then there is the MSA SRIW1000 Suretyman Rope Termination Plate, 5/8 by GME Supply Safety Gear that has been used to create a 3 strands, double-braid. It features a kernmantle rope lifeline and you also get additional benefits like the product with reusable field termination. This eliminates the requirement for all kinds of knots and even factory terminations.

There is the need of connecting hardware here though. This GME Supply Safety Gear can be used for 5/8″ (16mm) diameter rope. The product can be used in various industries including manufacturing, welding, construction, spray painting and an array of other hazardous tasks too.

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