Getting Started with YouTube as a Marketing Instrument

Internet marketing is now an inseparable part of every company’s marketing efforts. There are so many potential customers to reach online. There are also better ways to measure the impact of online marketing tactics, since everything is quantifiable.


In recent years, a lot of online marketers and brands have made the switch to videos and video content. YouTube is definitely the platform to be on if you want to reach as many potential customers as you can. There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re getting started with your own YouTube channel as a marketing instrument.

Have Consistent Branding

If you’re thinking about starting a YouTube channel, chances are you already have a website and other social media pages. The best way to establish a YouTube channel is by using the same branding elements consistently. This will allow viewers to immediately recognise the channel and associate it with your brand.

YouTube doesn’t allow for a lot of customisations, but you can still use an avatar and a custom header. There are also ways to customise the home page of your YouTube channel. This gives you the freedom to feature certain videos and attract more views.

Other branding elements can be added to the videos themselves. A bumper that shows your logo or an animated ending to remind viewers to check out your site or other social media pages are two good ideas that can be very effective.

Take Your Time

Don’t push your channel right away. Remember that viewers will only subscribe and return for more videos when they find the existing ones interesting and relevant to their interests. Instead of directing your energy towards promoting the channel, it is much better to spend time developing the channel first.

An introduction video is among the first things you need. You can feature this video at the top of the channel’s home page. Sun Bingo has a good example of a featured video that shows the main host – character – of the channel and a short challenge to arouse viewers’ interest.

You can then start filling the channel with more videos. Don’t hesitate to use playlists and categories to separate the different types of videos you want to feature. You should also avoid promotional videos; viewers are looking for interesting stories and valuable information, so these are the kinds of videos you need to focus on.

Call to Action

Just like landing pages and social media profiles, your videos can have a call to action. In fact, they should. At the beginning, you can ask users to subscribe to the channel for more videos. As the channel grows, you can use other calls to action. You can, for instance, host a competition and ask users to promote the channel. The extra exposure will certainly help your new YouTube channel grow at a much faster rate.

The call to action doesn’t have to be part of the video either. YouTube has a lot of tools you can use to market your products, services or other videos in your channel. YouTube cards can be used to direct users to a page on your site or another video on your channel. The annotation tool can be used for the same purpose.

There is a trick to using these tools. Once you have a website address validated with YouTube, you can set up redirects for your social media pages and other resources. This way, YouTube will not stop you from promoting these pages.

Take these three tips and you’ll be able to develop a strong channel in no time. Now that you have a channel filled with interesting videos, you can start promoting the channel and using it as a handy marketing instrument.

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