Frequently Asked Questions During Product Recalls

A product recall is a tricky time for any business. When a product is faulty in some way and needs to be recalled, this causes a lot of hassle, stress and expense for the business. It also puts customers in danger, as they may be putting themselves at risk by using products that could malfunction or injure them.


During these situations, a lot of questions naturally come up about what is happening and how best to deal with it. Here are some of the frequently asked questions that come up during product recalls.

Why Are Items Recalled?

A product recall can happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes it can be caused by problem in the manufacturing environment that lead to something potentially toxic or inedible being added to a food product. Or, it can be caused by an issue in production that makes a mechanical product faulty and likely to malfunction. Sometimes once a product is released onto the market a serious flaw is discovered because someone is injured or killed when using the product.

Product recalls can be freak accidents or they can be a symptom of a lack in quality control within the manufacturing environment. Either way, a product recall is not always just an inconvenience. If the flaw in the product is dangerous it can cause serious injury or even death, so it is crucial to solve the issue as quickly as possible.

How Do Customers Find Out About a Product Recall?

When the product recall is announced, how will customers learn about the issue with the product and how will they know what to do? Ultimately, this is the responsibility of the company. It is important for the company to spread the news as widely as possible, to make sure that every customer hears about the recall and is not unknowingly using a dangerous product.

There are many ways that a company can let customers know about a product recall, including sending out press releases, making a notice on their website, sending emails to customers, making announcements in major newspapers and television stations and sending out government media releases. Also, the company might send out information about the product recall on their social media profiles.

In a well thought out and efficiently managed product recall, the company should have a website that contains all information about the issue, including which products are affected, what customers should do and how customers can send the items back and receive a refund. This website should be easy to find, simple to navigate and linked to on all social media profiles.

How Do Customers Identify a Recalled Product?

When a product is to be recalled, the company will give out information about identifying features including the brand, size, name, packaging details and the lot or batch codes. Customers will be able to examine the products in their home to see if they are covered by the recall.

If the customer isn’t sure, they can contact the company to confirm whether or not the product is covered by the recall. Many companies will offer a dedicated product recall hotline that customers can call if they are not sure whether or not the product they have qualifies for the recall. Having a service like this is essential, as worried customers will find it very reassuring to talk to someone and get clear instructions on what to do.

How Can a Field Sales Agency Help?

A field marketing or field sales agency can be a business’s best friend during a product recall. They can help the business to approach the recall in a strategic way, so that they manage it as best they can. The agency is highly experienced in carrying out product recalls, so they will be able to do it in an efficient and professional manner. They will also be able to help the company when it comes to managing media image and preserving their reputation, as well as building the trust of customers once again.

A product recall is a stressful situation that can be difficult for a company to navigate. However, when it is done right the damage can be minimized and the brand can often survive intact.

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